Hillary says Republicans promoting voter fraud to stop voter fraud

Voter ID

Democrats say voter ID is a racist GOP plot to stop minorities from voting.  As in this cartoon depicting a veteran being denied the right to vote because of voter ID laws, but any veteran has government issued photo ID.  Democrats are seeking to give the vote to illegal aliens and felons, don’t want dead people to stop voting, but cast blame on Republicans as wanting to take away these people’s rights.

Hillary Clinton says Republicans are trying to deny millions of Democrats from voting by promoting voter ID to stop voter fraud.  Denying the rights of illegal aliens, felons, dead people, and those who vote in multiple places multiple times is not committing voter fraud, but halting it.  Liberals approve of voter fraud when they are the ones committing it.

This is how Obama, who did more damage to America in his first four years than Carter, won a second term.  There are computers in some counties, most notably Port St. Lucie, FL, that registered 100% Democrat votes, with 146% votes cast, more than all registered voters in the county for both parties and independents combined!  When mandatory voter ID would stop this, Democrats say it would stop the people they want to be permitted to vote fraudulently from exercising their “rights,” using it to further their claim that Republicans are racists.

Rush Limbaugh:

“The Democrat Party is the architect of this stuff.  ‘During a speech in Houston on Thursday, Clinton said a group of Republican governors pursuing the White House is ‘systematically and deliberately’ trying to prevent millions of Americans from voting.’

Meanwhile, it’s the Democrat Party that’s trying to open up the vote to felons and illegal immigrants.  Talk about voter fraud?  What is amnesty all about?  It’s a voter registration drive for the Democrat Party.”

As far as ID goes, after Obama anyone can not only vote, but be president without a background check!  Democrats go after every Republican candidate and their families to assassinate their character and are holding them to standards of perfection.  Yet, in 2008 they elected Obama without any background check or qualifications besides being able to read a TelePrompTer eloquently.

Clinton perpetuates voter fraud myth

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