Can Trump Flip Minnesota?

Minneapolis’ mayor just tried to extort twenty times the cost of security for President Trump’s rally venue as was charged to Obama during his presidency.  He says he doesn’t want Trump’s “hateful, divisive rhetoric” in his city.  This is the kind of lies, smears, racketeering, and gangsterism that Democrats use to justify their crimes against liberty.

Minneapolis mayor slanders President Trump trying to extort him

Mayor prohibits police from protecting themselves from Antifa rioters

There is talk about Minnesotans being so disturbed by Democrat corruption that they could flip the state.  Minnesota stands out as the only state to vote against Ronald Reagan in 1984.  The state hasn’t voted Republican since 1972 and was a Republican bastion until FDR.  Since then, Democrats have controlled the state by numerous voter fraud techniques that brazenly “find” ballots in the trunks of cars and school closets after Election Day.

In 2008, they flipped the senate election with this tactic to give the seat to Al Franken and empower Obama with a Supermajority for the next year.  They just kept finding ballots in strange places until they won.  That year proved so devastating for the nation with the passage of ObamaCare taxes that Massachusetts replaced Ted Kennedy after his death in office with a Republican.  This is the state that elects Moslems like Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar to Congress.  How can President Trump flip Minnesota when their plan is simply to create enough votes to overturn any Republican victory?

Voter fraud in America is a pestilence that must be exterminated.  Suppressing Democrat’s illegal votes is hardly racism.  Democrats justifying their crimes by screaming racism doesn’t make them righteous.  If President Trump doesn’t enact extreme voter ID by executive action, because the Democrat Congress certainly will never do so, then any dream of flipping Minnesota is a pipe dream.  It’s more likely that Democrats could commit enough voter fraud to flip Texas.

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4 Responses to Can Trump Flip Minnesota?

  1. radman414 says:

    Dusty, Texas Republicans are confident, but still working very hard to ensure that our state will not be “flipped.” And Republicans in other states should help, too…because if Texas flips, the Democrats cannot lose the Electoral College vote.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I live in Texas, too, and I’m only fairly confident. There is no way in hell or creation that Beto O’Rourke should have gotten within ten points of Ted Cruz when they whole state went 60/40 Republican in the midterms. That tells me that massive voter fraud is taking place.


      • radman414 says:

        I agree. But $80 million will buy a lot of votes…and a lot of people who count them.

        I live on a “blue island” (Travis County) in the “red sea” of Texas; and I can attest that voter fraud is quite real in a number of cities where Democrats are in charge of counting the votes. Thankfully, this county will now be using voting machines that provide a paper ballot back-up of electronic results. Therefore, look for voter fraud via vote “harvesting,” students, etc., voting in more than one jurisdiction and fraudulent mail-in ballots with forged signatures.

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        • dustyk103 says:

          Well now there’s a step in the right direction to stop voter fraud through electronic manipulation. We need to continue to suppress voter fraud in all its criminal forms. Democrats will scream against it because they will lose millions of their illegal votes.


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