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Durham’s investigation becomes a hunt for criminals

AG Barr has empowered IG Durham to convert his investigation of FISA warrant abuse into a criminal investigation, and Democrats are running scared.  Which begs the question, ff Obama’s regime was so pure and transparent without sin or a hint … Continue reading

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Witch Hunt 2.0 – Trump Tells Nadler to Pound Sand

Rabid Democrats who rejected the conclusion of the Mueller Report that killed their sacred cow now want to renew their “investigation” by continuing the persecution of President Trump, his family, and his associates.  President Trump has righteously told Nadler and … Continue reading

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AG Jeff Sessions the Legal Mouse

At a time when American needs a legal eagle who is a lion of law the nation has Jeff Sessions.  Yes, he was the first senator to jump on the Trump Train.  Yes, he has stayed loyal.  Yes, he has … Continue reading

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Sex, Lies, and Redacting-Gate

Leftists continue to laboriously sling mud at Trump with sex abuse allegations in the fanatic attempt to portray him as Bill Clinton and it continues to slide off The Teflon Don and land in their own laps.  Adam Schiff(ty) hit … Continue reading

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Democrats of the Obama Regime Weaponized America’s Government

We the People have been VIOLATED!  We have been scammed, defrauded, and duped.  American citizens and patriots have been openly abused, persecuted, and even criminalized by the Left.  Democrats and their messiah, African son of Islam, Barack Obama, used the … Continue reading

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Mueller Russian Investigation vs. Nunes FISA Warrant Memo

The world needs to understand the effort by the Left to unseat the duly elected President of the United States, especially when he is doing so much that is good and righteous to make America and the world a better … Continue reading

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Presidential Crimes and Corruption at the FBI

The Obama/Hillary Conspiracy Not only did Obama violate the Constitution in protecting illegals, not only do Democrats violate citizen’s rights in promoting foreign invaders over them, not only did Hillary scrub her emails of national security violations, not only did … Continue reading

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