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Witch Hunt 2.0 – Trump Tells Nadler to Pound Sand

Rabid Democrats who rejected the conclusion of the Mueller Report that killed their sacred cow now want to renew their “investigation” by continuing the persecution of President Trump, his family, and his associates.  President Trump has righteously told Nadler and … Continue reading

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Democrats Show Their True Colors

It’s easy to see how Democrats have earned the moniker “Demonrats,” (just turn the ‘c’ 90 degrees).  As the Left took up the banner of the most vile, inhuman scum of the world to praise them as Dreamers, Americans are … Continue reading

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Mr. President, Release the Kraken!

Are Americans sickened to death of the phony Trump scandals yet?  They have become as onerous and numerous as Obama’s actual scandals that he denies exist!  Who is fed up and disgusted with all the fake news about the investigation … Continue reading

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Democrats corrupt and smear everything righteous.  Evil hides among the good and the FBI and DoJ are no exceptions.  Leftists are saying the memo detailing the abuses and violations of the law within the FBI and DoJ are a matter … Continue reading

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Presidential Crimes and Corruption at the FBI

The Obama/Hillary Conspiracy Not only did Obama violate the Constitution in protecting illegals, not only do Democrats violate citizen’s rights in promoting foreign invaders over them, not only did Hillary scrub her emails of national security violations, not only did … Continue reading

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Mueller to Indict Trump for Russian Collusion

Special Prosecutor issued an indictment of President Trump, his son Donald Trump, Jr., and former campaign manager Paul Manafort for colluding with Russians to hack the 2016 election. Leftists wish this would be true.  The revelations over the last week … Continue reading

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The river of corruption coming out of Washington runs wide and deep.  How the Big Lie works; Hillary hires Fusion GPS to get a guy to write a fictional story of Trump hiring Russian prostitutes, sends that story to Buzzfeed … Continue reading

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