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Republican Frustration is Well Founded

Republican voters are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of President Trump’s actions against Democrats.  Making America great and keeping her great isn’t just about removing Democrat roadblocks to the economy.  It’s about stopping them from oppressing the people.  It’s … Continue reading

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Leftists are trying to criminalize Republicans

In 2008, Democrats proved that they were willing to nuke the American economy, devastate the nation and all families, and blame George Bush for their own actions.  Ten years later they have proved that they are willing to nuke the … Continue reading

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Will Trump Mandate Spies in Democrat campaigns?

During his campaign, President Trump said his team was being illegally wiretapped by the Obama regime and he was mocked for it.  Now Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has admitted that they were spying on the Trump campaign.  … Continue reading

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Beware of False Prophets – Obamaites & NeverTrumpers

People who claim to be the staunchest of conservatives who say that, despite all the conservative agenda that Trump is fearlessly promoting, they would rather have liberal Democrats be in charge than be indebted to Trump.  This is not principled.  … Continue reading

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The Rise of Fascism in America – Hearts of Hate

America has seen in the last few years what everyone said could never happen here in the greatest nation of liberty in history – the rise of Hitlerian fascism.  Barack Obama stood in front of cameras yesterday and predicted that … Continue reading

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CNN fears Democrats are losing the moral high ground

THEY NEVER HAD IT!  They have only claimed to be morally superior.  The people who have striven to make sexual perversion mainstream morality never held the high ground!  Only their media monkeys made it so and those are the ones … Continue reading

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Why should Trump let yapping dogs bite?

Liberal Democrats and their RINO buddies are all trying to dog pile on President Trump as being too “undignified,” “unhinged,” and “incompetent” to hold high office.  They all make deliberately petty little attacks on his dignity in order to incite … Continue reading

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How Obama is orchestrating a Democrat Coup attempt

Obama is attempting to paralyze and overthrow the Trump administration.  The Leftwing media that declared Trump insane for declaring that Obama illegally wiretapped his campaign is now in full damage control mode.  They have confirmed that they are not journalists, … Continue reading

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Democrat’s War on Trump lost in the swamp

Democrats are trying to figure out why they lost and how they can win back their control over the country.  American patriots are even more proud of their country and proud of their president once again! As predicted the Democratic … Continue reading

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