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Democrat coup attempt continues as GOP lies down

  I talked to a Russian.  According to Democrats, who love Communists, when a Republican does so that is a crime punishable by death!  The two faces of Washington politicians are both ugly.  On the one side, liberal fascists convict … Continue reading

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Et tu, Ryan?  The Republican (un)Civil War

Turns out that Trump isn’t the Hillary shill that would sabotage Republicans – it’s Republican Speaker Paul Ryan. Sabotaging Donald Trump is not due to the actions of Donald Trump, it’s not due to his past, it’s not due to … Continue reading

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Trump damaging the Republican brand

Some GOPers are saying Donald Trump is too vulgar to represent them and is tarnishing the Republican brand. Many conservatives think Trump and his vulgar behavior is damaging the Republican brand.  How did it become the Republicans necessity to have … Continue reading

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