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Democrat Persecution MUST BE DESTROYED!

Democrats are waging WAR on the Republican Party and the people of the United States by undermining the President to subvert the government and foment a coup to overthrow Trump.  Anyone who stands against their agenda to make America into … Continue reading

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Obama’s Deep State Corruption of the FBI

The FBI was sanctioned by Congress to operate as the nation’s premiere federal law enforcement agency.  The Director of the FBI answers to the DoJ, several congressional committees, and ultimately to the Commander-in-Chief.  But under Obama the FBI, like the … Continue reading

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Democrat Coup – The “Nothing Burger” Democrats are Desperate to Suppress

If the Nunes memo is a pack of lies that contains no honest information, and is such a nothing burger that it can do no harm, why did the Democrats claim it would destroy America’s intelligence agencies?  Why were they … Continue reading

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A Conspiracy Theory with Teeth

Release the Memo: While Democrat’s Russian collusion story has fallen apart, and they are trying to spin straw into gold with obstruction charges of a non-existent crime, the true conspiracy of Democrats inside the Deep State is being revealed that … Continue reading

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Social Media ‘Shadow Ban’ and Crime of the Century

Project Veritas has once again exposed the lies of the leftwing.  Twitter, Facebook, and other social media are censoring conservative posts to keep their vacuous followers ignorant.  They use what they call a “Shadow Ban” in which they allow the … Continue reading

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Democrat Corruption Runs Deep in Federal Agencies

The “Deep State” refers to leftist’s seeding their operatives through the upper echelons of federal agencies like the DoJ, FBI, IRS, NSA, and others.  The depth of their corruption has become evident in congressional investigations into the Democrat’s “Russian Dossier” … Continue reading

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