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To whom do Democrats pray?

Mother Pelosi & Co. are saying they are approaching impeachment with “somber prayer.”  Who are you praying to, Mother Pelosi?  Democrats have denounced God.  They removed Him from the public square, banned Him in schools, and silenced those who speak … Continue reading

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How Conservatives and Liberals Can Rid themselves of their Radicals

Liberals have a theory of how conservatives can lose their “radical elements of their extremist rightwing” and come back into the fold of their Amerika.  Just stop listening to those who promote righteous Americanism and get rid of the conservative … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Liberal Grief

The Five Stages of Grief are different for a liberal. A terror attack kills many innocent people.  Liberals cry and come together in sympathy for the victims.  They sing songs, cry tears, hold candlelight vigils, lay wreaths of flowers, and … Continue reading

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Democrats say you must follow the Moslem to be Christian

Democrats are lost in their delusions. Obama’s Islamic heritage How do people so delude themselves that they believe anything they are told and, despite all evidence to the contrary, adhere to those beliefs?  Liberals believe that Moslems were part of … Continue reading

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Being Christian is more than just an ideology

What does it take to become a Christian?  Joining a church?  Believing in the teachings of Jesus?  Having faith?  Even atheists can believe in the morality of Christian philosophy of “do unto others…” It took me many years to understand … Continue reading

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Pope Francis likens Jesus to ISIS and says Europeans should breed with Moslems

As Moslem invaders rape their way into Europe and jihadis spread death and destruction throughout the Middle East, Pope Francis likens ISIS to Jesus and says Europeans should accept breeding with Moslem immigrants and accept their culture. The first thought … Continue reading

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Conservatives who believe they are too good for Trump

Do conservatives expect perfection before voting?  If Trump isn’t conservative enough does it matter if he is going to promote what the TEA Party has been begging for all these years?  Obama betrayed America, the GOP has betrayed us when … Continue reading

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