Pope Francis likens Jesus to ISIS and says Europeans should breed with Moslems

Pope Franics bows to Islam

As Moslem invaders rape their way into Europe and jihadis spread death and destruction throughout the Middle East, Pope Francis likens ISIS to Jesus and says Europeans should accept breeding with Moslem immigrants and accept their culture.

The first thought that enters the mind of Christians is;

WTF is WRONG with his BRAIN?

The Great Commission following His Resurrection was when Jesus told His Apostles to go forth and tell the world about Him.

The Command of Muhammad following his conquest of Mecca was to tell his followers to go forth to make the world Islam by the sword.

Where Christianity spread throughout Europe by Christ’s message of peace and salvation, Islam was spread through conquest and enslavement of nations.  (Anti-Christians will point out that Constantine making Christianity the religion of the state, then forcing conversion on others, is the same thing.  But that was not the command of Christ any more than was the Inquisition.  It was the act of rulers to subjugate violent neighbors whose gods commanded them to rob and rape their neighbors.  Try reading about the Germanic and Viking gods and you will find a direct similarity to Islam.)

When Islam spread it was by the sword from the start as Muhammad led his followers to conquer Mecca.  After his death his followers went on conquering the lands of Christians in the West and Hindus in the East until they were stopped by superior forces.  This was Islam’s “Golden Age” when they ruled over the peasantry, but Romans who were educated and learned continued to make cultural advances to civilization even while under Islamic rulers.  Once Islam became fully integrated into their societies they became more backwards than the Europeans who advanced out of the Dark Ages into the Middle Ages and eventually the Renaissance.

This enabled Europe to defeat and subdue the Jihad in the 17th century outside the gates of Vienna and push Islam back into the Middle East to stay – until now.  Europe was able to advance because in the Dark Ages the Romans continued to advance civilization and became known as the Byzantines.  It was they who stopped Islam from conquering Europe.  Europeans began having close association with them during the Crusades and learned advances they would bring home.

In Spain, however, eight centuries of war with their Moslem conquerors kept them from advancing as quickly and accounts for the difference in Hispanic culture.  But the Byzantines were betrayed by the jealous Europeans who would bring about their downfall by the Papacy in Rome.  They set out to destroy the Patriarchy in Constantinople that was the head of Christianity through the Dark Ages.  (The Great Schism is worth studying to learn the difference between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.)

Radical Moslem Radical Christian

But I digress.  The fact is that Christians are called upon to evangelize and tell others about Jesus, but if rejected to just go on their way.  Moslems are commanded by Muhammad to conquer any who refused to submit to Islam and put their necks under the boot of Islam.  If they refused to convert then they were forced to pay an additional tax that would leave them destitute and powerless.

Islam means to submit, and of the Five Pillars of Islam, Jihad is left out.  This is not because Jihad is not important, but because it is the basis of the Five.  Muhammad taught that Jihad is the struggle against evil, and that does not only include evil within oneself, but evil they believe to be in others.  It is how he justified waging war on Mecca and forcing others to convert.

Anyone who refuses to submit is given a choice; pay extra taxes, move away, convert, or be killed.  If they moved away they left all they owned behind just as Muhammad and his followers were forced to flee Mecca.  Moslems believe the success of the Jihad justifies their beliefs as righteous and, though most will not take up the sword, they endorse those who do.

But the vast majority of Moslems do support Sharia Law with its honor killings, female genital mutilation, cutting off hands, noses, and the killing of infidels and homosexuals in whatever manner they choose – the more savage the better in order to instill fear in others and force them to submit.  Most will not admit it because Muhammad also taught them that lying to infidels for the benefit of Allah was good and righteous.  All of his teachings are in direct conflict of the teachings of Christ, and for this Pope to compare jihadis to evangelists, and condemn Christians rather than call on Muslims to convert to Christianity is the pinnacle of betrayal.

Pope Francis likens ISIS to Christ and says Europeans should breed with Moslems

Pope Francis’ betrayal of Christians is every bit as treasonous to Christ as Obama’s betrayal of Americans is treasonous to the Constitution he swore to uphold.

Tolerating evil

Success of Obama’s Islamist agenda

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5 Responses to Pope Francis likens Jesus to ISIS and says Europeans should breed with Moslems

  1. dustyk103 says:


    Here’s a liberal condemning what she sees as bigotry in conservatives while displaying her bigotry toward conservatives. It’s called mirroring in psychological parlance.


  2. I worry about Obama’s daughters. Surely he don’t won’t men in the rest rooms with them. But being a Muslim I guess he could care less. I will pray for those girls. God please protect them.


  3. Cristina says:

    The article could use the actual quotes from the Pope.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      You’re right! I missed putting in the link to the report. Thank you for pointing this out. It’s in the draft. Don’t know why it’s not in the article.


  4. Darby O'Gill says:

    Perhaps more Catholics can now understand the validity of this:


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