Expect Obama to make a recess appointment of a Moslem to the Supreme Court

Obama and Scalia

Would Obama appointment a Moslem to the Supreme Court?  Republicans have already said they would not permit Obama to make another appointment to the Supreme Court before the end of his term.  But Obama has a history of ruling by imperial fiat and making recess appointments to lifetime positions to stop Republicans from reversing his deconstruction of America, even when Congress is not in recess.  His testimonial of Islam as being part of America’s heritage in his mind would be his justification.
With the sudden death of Antonin Scalia, one of the most Christian conservative voices on the Supreme Court, don’t put it past Obama to make a recess appointment of a Moslem to America’s highest court and instigate another Constitutional crisis.  Between his opening America’s borders to foreign infiltration, inflicting socialized medicine on taxpayers, and his constant attacks on the rights of citizens, what else can we expect from the most unqualified, anti-American, anti-Christian man ever elected to high office?  Even in his last National Prayer Breakfast he spoke of how Christians must lovingly accept Islam and sang his praises of Muhammad.  So why not force Sharia on America by appointing a radical leftist Imam to replace the rightwing conservative Christian on the Court?

In the first place, asking Christians who venerate Jesus as the Christ to favor a faith that declares God has no son is asking them to turn from their faith.  Islam and Christianity have been at war for fourteen centuries for a reason.  Christians in Islam are dhimmis, 3rd class citizens even lower than Moslem wives, and they must pay an additional tax if they won’t turn from worshipping Christ and submit to Islam.  In the second place, asking Americans to submit to the oppression of Sharia interpretations of Constitutional Law is a heinous infliction of slavery on the land of the free.

Sharia and the Constitution are as opposite as Islam and Christianity.  Despite Obama’s glorification of Muhammad, there is no denying that Islam is an anti-Christian religion and an anti-American ideology.  The foolishness of Americans in electing a man raised in Islam in a foreign land, whose religion and ideology both hate America and all for which it stands, is endorsing their own destruction.  Liberals who want more freedom by begging more freebies from the government are playing into the hands of the ultimate socialist Utopia of Islam, putting their heads on the chopping block hoping for the best.  I have faith in Obama believing he can foist this on America with impunity because the GOP leadership are too wimpy to stand against him.

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2 Responses to Expect Obama to make a recess appointment of a Moslem to the Supreme Court

  1. kilkee526 says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about, apparently even unable to understand what a “recess appointment” is. a “recess appointment to a lifetime position” is a contradiction in terms.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Based on your statement that recess appointment and lifetime appointment are somehow “contradictions in terms,” you don’t understand what either refers to and you should look them up before you tell someone else they don’t know what they’re talking about.

      Liked by 1 person

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