Democrats say you must follow the Moslem to be Christian


Democrats are lost in their delusions.

Obama’s Islamic heritage

How do people so delude themselves that they believe anything they are told and, despite all evidence to the contrary, adhere to those beliefs?  Liberals believe that Moslems were part of America’s founding because Obama said so.  They think you must accept the oppressive laws of Sharia to prove your love freedom.  How do people’s minds become so twisted?  A liberal wrote the following article for the Daily Kos about American Christian patriots whom they hate:

Seven things I know about Trumpsters

This is an atheist telling Christians that they don’t believe in the True God because they won’t accept leftist ideology.  Here is my response to those who call me an unbeliever for not believing as they believe:

  1. You want to be ruled, not governed

Coming from the Left who promote Obama’s lawless rule with his pen and his phone this is hysterical.  Democrats offer government lordship over the peasantry with the ruling class establishing unquestioned rule over their subjects.  If they could disarm Americans and impose Sharia Law under one party rule they would have all they ever wanted.  And they’re afraid of Trump becoming a dictator!?!  LOL!  What they’re afraid of is Trump restoring America and ousting their subjugation of the land of the free.

  1. You have no class

This coming from the ghetto class and their elitist masters.  Who was it said about Sarah Palin, “You can put lipstick on a pig?”  Who is it that called American patriots who fought against Democrats stealing trillions of tax dollars “teabaggers?”  Who is it that wipes their arses with the American flag?

  1. You are definitely not someone to do business with

Again, coming from the Left who have used the power of government to shut down businesses just for being Christian, how two-faced can a people be?  Democrats have shut down American energy after we spent decades and used American ingenuity to make America energy independent.  Then Obama takes credit for the fracking that he fought to ban drilling our way to lower gas prices.

  1. You are either a racist, or at best, have no problem with racism

Leftists confuse racism with any objection to leftist ideology.  Racists promote more blacks getting abortions and living in ghettos – they’re called Democrats.  If they won’t be slaves then they can be made into welfare voter slaves living on drugs in government servitude.  The racists are the ones pushing for blacks to make slaves of whites, working to pay more taxes so the Democrat Plantation can make a profit off the wages of your children.  They turn to terrorism by Black Lives Matter which is an Islamic terrorist group.

  1. You have an issue with women

Again, who was it said, “You can put lipstick on a pig?”  Women in the Democrat Party are promoting Islam and Sharia.  They applaud Bill and Hillary who crushed the women Bill molested as governor and president.  No one has more of an issue with women than the people who want to make women second class citizens.


  1. You aren’t really Christian

Liberals love to tell Christians what a Christian should be.  What does an atheist understand of Christianity?  What do people who say they are Christians who follow atheists know of what it is to be Christian?  No one has more of an issue than those who say they are Christian, follow a Moslem, and want to make Islam the law of the land and make Christians third class citizens – dhimmis.  These people think Obama is a Christian, yet he has done nothing but attack Christianity while promoting Islam.  What church does he go to?  The Church of Black Liberation Theology – not the Christ of the Bible, but the Jesus of the Koran.


Being Christian is more than just an ideology

  1. You don’t believe in the Constitution

If you don’t allow foreigners to invade and take over the country then you don’t believe in freedom.  If you object to government corruption stealing wealth from those who prosper then you promote greed.  If you don’t love Satan then you are a Christian hater.

The Church of Liberalism

Liberal’s god is Mammon, the government elitists that lord over the masses.  Jesus said to pray for your enemies, not to embrace their evil.  He said to pray for those who persecute you, not to approve of them or join them.  He calls on His followers to be more than the unbelievers and forgive them.  Anyone, even atheists, loves their children and hates their enemies.  Christians are called upon to be more than that, but that doesn’t mean joining them and becoming the enemies of God.


The Left is corrupting America with their ideology that the Left is right and the Right is wrong.  These are the people who believe God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator – if they even believe there is a god.  Their god has pulled the wool over their eyes, and those who have a forest in their eyes say we should allow them to remove the speck of sawdust in our eyes.  What morality have they who believe that killing babies in the womb and saving murderers from execution is right?  Leftists believe themselves to be right and cannot see their reflection in the mirror under the Light of Truth.


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3 Responses to Democrats say you must follow the Moslem to be Christian

  1. EIleen says:

    When those FemNazis who control the government are willing to wear a hijab, or even a burka, shout Allah Akbar and submit to sexual slavery, then I would know that at least they are willing to practice what they preach. Until they do that, they are nothing but a bunch of entitled frustrated women (or men) who think that because they are feminists, they have the right to control every word that is uttered out of other people’s mouths. Paul Joseph Watson, the highly popular investigative journalist based in London cited a study that showed that the majority of SJW’s were raised in day care centers. No wonder they can’t handle reality.

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