Conservatives who believe they are too good for Trump


Do conservatives expect perfection before voting?  If Trump isn’t conservative enough does it matter if he is going to promote what the TEA Party has been begging for all these years?  Obama betrayed America, the GOP has betrayed us when we said stop him, and Trump says he joined the race for that purpose.

It’s time to face the facts.  The fact is that conservatives do not have a majority by which they can choose the candidate they want.  The fact is that most people are lemmings who are easily (mis)led by a catchy phrase (“Hope and Change,” “Lyin’ Ted!”).  The fact is that Cruz took the high road and Trump took the low road and Trump got to Cleveland before him.

Some on the right say Trump is too far to the left for them to support.  They think he will be the same as Jeb and Hillary.  But the things on which Trump has been campaigning – closing the border illegals, destroying the Jihad, stopping the Moslem invasion, taking government’s iron boot off of business’ throats, opening up energy, jobs, and trade – these are all conservative policies.  Just because he flip-flopped around to attract more voters than any other of the seventeen candidates that ran on the Republican ticket doesn’t mean he didn’t mean what he said.

The problem is not that Trump might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but that he might be legitimate – only not quite conservative enough.  Conservatives who are waiting for the perfect conservative candidate before they vote for another Republican will be waiting for the 2nd Coming.  Maybe when Jesus is at the head of the party then they will think he is good enough for them to support.  But even liberals doubt that.

There are those who say Trump is the same as Jeb and Hillary haven’t been paying attention, and some who say he is the devil like Obama.  If he wanted what they want then all he had to do was sit back and watch rather than stand against them.  If you think he’s a deceiver from Hell then you should try listening to those who actually know him.  When you start thinking someone isn’t good enough for you, and place yourself on the self-righteous pedestal of liberalism despite endorsing conservatism, you are forgetting that Jesus said, “Judge not lest you be judged!”

Jesus wasn’t talking about right and wrong, he was talking about you thinking you are so righteous that you can judge who is going to Hell.  All I can say is, thank God you are not God because you can’t even separate out a lie from the truth!  I know Trump is a wheeler dealer and plays it fast and loose, but that doesn’t make him a deceiver who would destroy America as Obama is doing.  It would be nice if you would remove the plank in your own eyes rather than trying to get the speck out of mine.

How any conservative could consider voting for Hillary boggles the mind!

How to convert Never Trumpers

Author’s Note: As usual Rush is way ahead of me.  I just thought of all this and just listened to his show from two days ago (I’m a member of Rush 24/7 and listen to his show later) only to find he already said it!  I rarely beat him to the punch, but when I do it’s like he’s the one listening to me.  It’s such a blessing to have such a brilliant man expressing righteousness on the radio and being the voice of Christian conservatism.

Conservatives who think voting for Trump is “betraying their values” consider this – I know I am not betraying my values as a conservative because my values say that I must defeat liberalism at every turn.  We didn’t get to this depth of corruption overnight and will not rise above it in a day any more than Rome was built in a day.  It took liberals generations to corrupt this nation, it will take generations to undo the damage they have done.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Every step you take should be in defeating liberal socialism.  If you refuse to take the first step then don’t expect to ever complete the journey.  Conservatism is in exile as a minority because we have failed to stand against liberalism by demanding perfection before victory.  The Left is winning because they have been willing to pick away at the dam and now it’s a flood.  Time to get in the game and make your choice – to fight or to whine.  It has come to this – to paraphrase George W. Bush:

You are either with us or you are with the Democrats!

Is Trump true or is he false?

The morality of choosing not to support Trump

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6 Responses to Conservatives who believe they are too good for Trump

  1. David Jones says:

    Trump has ample time to clarify his positions before the election. It’s not a question of being good enough for conservatives. It’s a matter of taking a definitive position on a majority of issues that would equate to him actually being conservative. He flip flops because he has demonstrated no core principles to attach his worldview to, other than “winning and being great.” When his back is up against the wall, who is he? His actions and much of his rhetoric suggest what Cruz tagged him as being — a liberal New Yorker. Voters looked the other way on Obama, and media as well. Bringing Trump out into the light would actually help him in the general. It’s time for Donald to take some tough love, and chase it with a little humility and an understanding that it’s not about him, it’s about the country.

    Screaming insults at Clinton (a truly reprehensible creature) and talking about a wall and trade deals isn’t going to be enough. It’s way too early to bow at the feet of Trump.

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  2. onenameleft says:

    I don’t trust him on illegal immigration problems. That off the record discussion about illegal immigration, I bet he will go soft on that if he gets in, and I’m sure on other things too.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I think he’s just rethinking the wall. He keeps on talking about building a big wall like the Great Wall of China. It’s the 21st century. A big brick wall is unnecessary. European countries are stopping Moslem invaders by putting up razor wire fences, motion detectors, and using patrols. We would need the latter two on a big wall, but the razor wire is way cheaper.


      • LMinAppleton says:

        Who needs a wall? Here’s an idea for protecting the border: We give a 24 hour notice that anyone crossing into the U.S.A. illegally will be considered part of an invading army and will be shot dead on sight. By my calculation, the cost of one bullet should secure the border.

        We are in a fight for the survival of this nation and anyone who thinks differently is delusional. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


  3. LMinAppleton says:

    dustyk103: On a completely unrelated note, are you time stamping comments based on GMT? I just posted the above comment at 2:57pm CST but it appears as 7:57pm. If so, you might want to add GMT following the time so that we all have a frame of reference time-wise.


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