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Love cannot defeat evil unless it is more heavily armed

“Love can defeat evil,” liberals say is in the Bible, “you always ‘turn the other cheek.’”  Why is it anti-Christians always try to interpret Jesus to Christians? “But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever … Continue reading

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Reforming Islam from Muhammad is as absurd as reforming Christianity from Christ

There are Muslims and then there are Moslems.  The former believe in the pre-Hijra teachings of Muhammad, while the latter believe in his post-Hijra teachings.  Attempting to separate one from the other is like separating the resurrected Christ from Jesus. … Continue reading

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Islamic reform; people mistake Christian Reformation with religion ‘maturing’

Thinking that Islam can be reformed away from the horrors of Jihad and Sharia is foolishly thinking the religion can be done away with at best. People who think the religion of Islam is going through “growing pains” in the … Continue reading

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