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Could Trump do a Clayton Williams?

Trump is bold and brash and says whatever he wants.  Could he be a Clinton shill and be setting Republicans up for a fall? Texans know this story: Clayton Williams was everything Texas needed for a governor in 1990 while … Continue reading

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Searching for the ‘most qualified’ presidential candidate for 2016

If conservatives are pushed out by the GOP and the election ends up another Bush vs. Clinton farce, then I hope Trump does run third party and I’ll vote for him and screw the GOP! Donald Trump is throwing a … Continue reading

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Trump shows Republicans how to do it right 

Trump terrifies the media, liberal Democrats, and moderate Republicans with his bold disregard of their political correctness. Whenever a Democrat makes a declaration that offends most of the country and refuses to retract it they are praised by the liberal … Continue reading

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Politics – the lies, the truth, the proof

This Democrat classic portrays Reagan as the thief who stole Social Security.  Ignorant youngsters believe them because the media keeps quiet about Democrats raiding the Social Security Fund in 1968 of $4 billion to pay for the Vietnam War.  They … Continue reading

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Trump may be just what America needs to destroy the evils of Obama

Donald Trump may be just the kind of authoritarian America needs after eight years of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America into a declining socialist state. Alot is being said about the brashness of billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump.  The New … Continue reading

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Walker vs. Perry, Cruz vs. Rubio; Republican’s best choice of conservatives

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin stands out above all other conservative candidates because of his achievements in blue state Wisconsin.  Not only did he succeed in reforming the failing state’s liberalism to conservative values, but he defeated every liberal attempt … Continue reading

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Refuting global warming science is elementary part III

Liberals are either the victims of deceivers who distract them from the truth or the perpetrators of the lies presenting facts and then misleading others to false conclusions.  Neither is the kind of person whom honest people want leading the nation. … Continue reading

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