Walker vs. Perry, Cruz vs. Rubio; Republican’s best choice of conservatives

Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin stands out above all other conservative candidates because of his achievements in blue state Wisconsin.  Not only did he succeed in reforming the failing state’s liberalism to conservative values, but he defeated every liberal attempt to unseat him, obstruct him, and deny him.

Republicans have such a glut of presidential hopefuls for 2016 that is fast becoming a rat race of biblical proportions.  Inundating the people with campaign rhetoric, the Republican field is so saturated that it will be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.  There are those who stand out above all others for both their achievements as governors and their policy stands as senators, but it’s getting to the point that those who barely pay attention to what even the president does, they are certainly not going to hear their message.

Not that every conservative Republican wouldn’t make a great president, but there are only a few who have very successful records fighting against Obama’s transformation of America and the Democrat’s remaking the nation into a socialist state.  Gov. Perry of Texas and Gov. Walker of Wisconsin have both achieved great advances in the economies of their states.  Also, Sen. Rubio and Sen. Cruz have stood above all others in the battles for Americanism over socialism and cronyism in Congress.  How do people choose the best candidates to stand as the Republican choice for president/vice president in 2016?

While candidates like Gov. Jeb Bush was good for Florida, and Gov. Chris Christie has been good for New Jersey, both have exhibited severe disabilities in their support for certain Democrat programs that are harmful to the nation.  A Republican who will work with Democrats to advance their policies, like Common Core that teaches children socialism is good and white people are racists, or ObamaCare that sucks up new taxes while making health insurance and medical care more expensive, does not help to stop the leftist agenda that is transforming the nation.  The trade agreement that moderate Republican leadership are trying to pass without being revealed beforehand like ObamaCare, that Democrats endorsed in the past but not now when Republicans craft it, screams violation of the people’s trust!  Conservative leadership begins by fighting against the policies that the Left imposes on the country under the guise that they benefit all when they actually harm everyone.

Standing out in the crowd

Governors Perry and Walker have both fought staunchly against liberal policies in their states, and both states have prospered.  Texas leads the nation and without it the U.S. economy would have been in recession for the last six years.  The difference is Rick Perry had the full support of a Republican legislature in the state, while Walker had to fight tooth and nail to keep his governorship and institute his policies.  For that reason this author believes Walker is the better candidate because he is better prepared for fighting Democrats in Congress, whereas Perry would go in as Bush did where he is not prepared for the opposition he will face.

For those reasons men like Trump and Carson would also be disqualified.  Trump rules his domain as a king and never has any opposition to overcome, though he is the most direct speaker which makes him more honest than any politician.  Carson only had to argue with a board of medical professionals who could come to reasonable agreements.  Christie remains the worst of current candidates though he says he has fought with his Democrat legislature, he folded like a cheap suit when Obama held his feet to the fire over Superstorm Sandy.

Rubio and Cruz, who both stand for what is right, but have slightly different perspectives on how to confront it.  Rubio is lauded by Washington insiders for his working on immigration reform, which turned out to be as bad as any Democrat reform.  Rubio came out against the reform on which he worked, but his belief that if Obama grants amnesty by executive order it cannot be reversed does great harm to his case.  Rubio is probably the most charismatic of all the candidates, but Cruz has stood like an oak against those who would unmake America.

Both would be excellent choices, Rubio for his charisma, and Cruz for his steadfastness.  But, as usual, an executive like Walker would be better as president while these two would be best as VP and President of the Senate or Senate Majority Leader.  In any case, if Boehner continues as Speaker of the House then any conservative leader will have not only liberal Democrats, but GOP moderates with whom to do battle.

GOP moderates ally with liberal Democrats against conservative leadership

With Republican moderates trying to muddy the waters to keep gain control of America’s purse to funnel money to their own cronies, people who don’t pay attention, the low-information voter, stands to be disappointed once again.  Democrats have increased the National Debt by many trillions of dollars giving money to their friends on Wall Street, and moderate Republicans want their turn to play with taxpayer’s money.  America’s only hope lies in conservative Christian leaders to steer America away from leftist policies in order to restore the American Dream, and young fools who are being taught that capitalism is bad and socialism is good, are voting against their own futures because they aren’t paying attention.

Two Americas – Americanism vs. socialism

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5 Responses to Walker vs. Perry, Cruz vs. Rubio; Republican’s best choice of conservatives

  1. claudia bird says:

    Walker is NOT the right choice. I’m not sure where you are getting your sources, but Walkers economy is and has been faltering. He himself has stated that he cannot enter the race until he fixes his current problems. Rubio is a RINO. The one and only answer is Ted Cruz.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Like Bush, Walker faces obstructive opposition by Democrats who would rather have the state fail than for Republicans to succeed. His policies are sound, but implementation is not always fully successful. He’ll face the same problems in Washington as did Reagan with Democrats running up the deficit and blaming him.


  2. gueppebarre says:

    Rubio? You can’t be serious. He is already in the Republican “mainstream” – he dropped his britches PDQ when the money boys came knockin’. Charisma is what got him elected, but that’s all he has. Nope, not a fan.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I wouldn’t call him mainstream. I think he got sucked in and stabbed in the back and won’t be so willing to be the puppet for Boner. Plus, the fact he is very charming is a big plus. Look what it did for Obama. Being a pathological liar hasn’t hurt him one bit because he can lie in a very charming way. Rubio, in contrast, told the truth about how he got snookered on Boehner’s idea of immigration reform.


  3. Hal Aluya says:

    I like Walker too, but why would he hire a campaign manger like Brad Dayspring who is well known as a despicable establishment operative who specializes in slander and character assassination against conservative candidates?? He also previously hired another anti-conservative to manage his campaign. This is very very troubling. He needs to reassure conservatives of his bona fides, preferably by jettisoning these hack dirty tricksters. Otherwise, we have to believe he is another RINO masquerading as a conservative, and we don’t need another such candidate after the conga line of “wacko bird” losers we have seen in the past.


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