Trump may be just what America needs to destroy the evils of Obama

Trump for president

Donald Trump may be just the kind of authoritarian America needs after eight years of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America into a declining socialist state.

Alot is being said about the brashness of billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump.  The New York Times is even falling onto its usual anti-Republican line of he may not be smart enough to be president.  If a charming, pathological liar like Barack Obama who has been deconstructing America is their idea of intelligent, then the real question is are there any people are the New York Times who are smart enough to be expressing an opinion.

Donald Trump built a multi-billion dollar empire which makes him the kind of man America needs to build a powerful economy.  Democrats are intent on fundamentally transforming America into another failing socialist state with themselves as the rulers and Obama unafraid to break the Constitution to do it.  America may well need an autocrat like Trump to shred Obama’s destructive policies and restore America to her glory.

The GOP is always too quick to accept defeat, while the Left never does – and neither do men like Trump.  Whereas Gov. Christie has already announced he is looking to compromise with Democrats along with the GOP leadership, which is not anything any patriotic American wants.  Trump would find himself fighting the GOP as much as the DNC, and that’s a fight that needs to be fought if America is to be saved!

For the last century Democrats haven’t met a tax they didn’t like or spent money on anything but themselves and that will only lead, as it is now, to America’s decline.  Obama can say the country is doing well all he wants, but seeing is believing and no lies can cover reality.  When the President of the United States promotes illegal aliens over citizens, weakening the military as Islamic Jihadis grow in power, and taxing the economy in the name of stopping global warming, then there is no hope for the future of this country except to devolve into a second rate power.  America has been the greatest force for good in the world for the last century, but Obama and the Democrats are making it a force for their own wealth, destroying her culture and traditions in their effort to divide and conquer.

Trump, Walker, Cruz, and Rubio all share the same qualities; they believe in truth, justice, and the American way, and they are absolutely tenacious and determined in promoting Americanism.  Where Bernie Sanders is making Hillary move more to the left, Trump will make Republicans move more to the right, and that can only make the choice more clear to all Americans.  As a member of Col. West’s Guardians of the Republic they stand above all other candidates despite any flaws or character assassinations inflicted by the Left.  2016 should be the year that a Reagan Christian conservative leads America back from the fundamental deconstruction of the Constitutional Republic by Obama Democrats and restores the American Dream.

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