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Beck believes Trump is a Democrat in Republican’s clothing

Why would you believe Harry Reid?  Trump hasn’t even been elected yet and already there are self-righteous fools calling for his head.  Just because he is boorish and bull-headed does not make him a tyrant.  And why would being a … Continue reading

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Trump won’t forgive Megyn Kelly and says he’ll make deals with Pelosi and Reid

IF I WANTED A PRESIDENT WHO WOULD MAKE DEALS WITH DEMOCRATS I’D VOTE FOR JEB! Donald Trump is not winning conservative voters.  He’s upset about questions he got from Megyn Kelly because he thought she was being nasty to him.  … Continue reading

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Trump may be just what America needs to destroy the evils of Obama

Donald Trump may be just the kind of authoritarian America needs after eight years of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America into a declining socialist state. Alot is being said about the brashness of billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump.  The New … Continue reading

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