Killing off Democrat voters


50,000,000 blacks have been murdered in America.  Leftists say Democrat voters are being deliberately killed off.

Democrats are losing voters at an alarming rate.  Disaffected blacks who have lost their jobs and can’t find jobs are not turning out to vote for Democrats.  They are angry with Obama for importing millions of illegal aliens to take jobs they could do.  They are angry that Republicans have gained control of Congress and want to reinstitute work requirements for welfare that Obama abolished.  Most of all they are angry that Obama is not disarming police and citizens who are shooting black criminals.

How many voters have Democrats lost because blacks die off faster than whites?

Some liberal pundits are complaining that Democrats are losing voters because blacks die off faster than whites.  Why is that?  Is it because blacks die younger than whites because they receive inadequate healthcare?  Is it because they are being killed by racist white cops?  Is it because they are being hunted down by white bigots?

While blacks are twenty times more likely to be killed by police, they are also twenty times more involved in violent crime and almost all are killed in shoot outs with police.  The claim that cops are racist is rendered null when a third of cops who shoot blacks are also black because black cops are stationed in black neighborhoods.  The fact is that any statistic regarding police shootings can be skewed by those who want to misrepresent the police and criminal activity when it comes to shooting deaths.  This is due to the desire of Democrat politicians to abolish the 2nd Amendment and disarm citizens, making them dependent on government to protect their lives as well as their rights.

The real cause of the loss of life among blacks comes down to two issues; that black on black crime murder rate and the black abortion rate are ten times greater than the national average.  Democrats are losing voters because they’re killing themselves off.  But what does that really matter to Democrat politicians who have upwards of a million dead people who still vote Democrat every year?

Black on black crime

20,000,000 blacks murdered in America

Black Nebraska senator says he would shoot cops

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4 Responses to Killing off Democrat voters

  1. Mark Stump says:


    But we have one side that tries to care about reason–and facts matter in a reason based argument; then on the other side we have emotion based arguments and facts are often irrelevant in emotion based arguments 😦


  2. dustyk103 says:

    Rick Cappucci · Top Commenter · Facilities Manager at Mass Eye and Ear at Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary
    Not fast enough!
    Reply · Like · 2 · 16 hours ago

    Gail Taylor Lee · Top Commenter
    They’re killing each other in ghettos all over the country —- obviously.
    Reply · Like · 12 hours ago

    TR Strunk · Top Commenter · Collegeville, Pennsylvania
    Yea Republican are in a round about way. Republicans aren’t being forceful enough in stopping abortion which many Democrats are partaking in. Most of those aborted babies would probably grow up to be Democrats so yes in away Republicans are killing off Democratic voters 8-|
    Reply · Like · 2 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 146 followers
    The question then becomes – is it morally right to let them kill themselves off or should they be forced to stop? On the other hand, if you stop them then they’ll gain the majority and vote to do it and do much more damage besides.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 2 seconds ago


  3. 1432FPCHERO says:

    find someone to do the math, if those “50 million” black deaths by black on black violence and black abortion could be magically erased, what is the percentage of the black population that are productive honorable members of society? I think you’ll find that even in spite of all the negative circumstances encountered that the majority of those black lives would be a credit to any society. Unless of course liberal democrats accelerated their agenda of enslavement of the poor by removal of incentive for self reliance.


    • dustyk103 says:

      The problem is 90% of them vote Democrat believing Democrats will give them benefits rather than having to work. Then they get angry when they don’t live in luxury. (Also you made me realize I did the math wrong as the total number of abortions is 50 million and blacks only account for a third of them, thx.)


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