Politics – the lies, the truth, the proof

Stealing Social Security

This Democrat classic portrays Reagan as the thief who stole Social Security.  Ignorant youngsters believe them because the media keeps quiet about Democrats raiding the Social Security Fund in 1968 of $4 billion to pay for the Vietnam War.  They also never mention that during Reagan’s presidency Democrats controlled Congress and it was they who continued their policy of raiding SS.

Democrat’s are confused by history so much so that they are recreating it.  Obama has recreated the economy of the 1970s with low employment and less money.  He has recreated the social division of the 1950s segregation and racial strife.  And he has recreated the foreign policy of the 1930s allowing evil regimes to grow and gain power.  Their progressive policies are not moving America forward, but are actually regressive America back to more terrible times.

Yet millions of Americans vote for them?  Why?  Because they believe Democrats will make the country better.  Why do they believe this?  Because it is what they are told by the president and the media.  Why do they believe them?  Because they are completely ignorant of what Democrat policies are actually doing to damage and destroy American and her culture.

The lies

If all you know of politics you learned from Little Orphan Annie, then you believe that Democrats are for the little guy and Republicans are only for the 1%.  If you believe that people only get rich by stealing from the poor, that taxing the rich brings wealth to the people, and that the economy grows through government spending, then you understand nothing of business.  If you believe that illegal immigrants are Americans, too, and deserve to be in the USA undocumented, not paying taxes, but collecting benefits, then you understand nothing of citizenship.  If you believe the American military is creating terrorists and should be reduced so that the world will love America, then you have a child’s understanding of evil.

The truth

Propaganda is like The Force, it has a strong influence on the weak-minded.

“Ignorance is bliss” is as great a misnomer as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  Being ignorant of the truth is as destructive as believing your enemy’s enemy is your friend.  Often that enemy is a worse enemy and can as easily ally with your enemy against you as with you against your enemy.

The Soviet Union in WWII is the perfect example.  They began the war allied with the Nazis, turned to the USA when Hitler attacked, and then enslaved Eastern Europe after the war.  Democrats treat their voters the same way.  They are rich people who convince poor people to vote for them by promising them wealth, giving them a few handouts, then taking money from those people’s employers to give to their own friends on Wall Street who will donate campaign funds to them.

All the things Democrats accuse Republicans of doing is what they themselves are doing.  Socialism, rather than distribute wealth to the people, has only made those in power wealthy as proven by Obama making Washington, D.C. the richest region in the country.  Bastions of wealth have been taken over by Democrats, like Detroit in the 1950s and California in the 1990s, and their tax policies have squandered that wealth.  Liberals think California, massively taxed and in debt comparable to the federal debt, is a liberal paradise, while Texas, the state whose economy has kept America on the plus side of zero growth for the past six years with a surplus is called a dump.

The proof

Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign is that Republicans are evil.  Democrats have so demonized Republicans that when a hospital received a generous donation from the Koch brothers many of the staff wanting to give the money back, and leftists said they only did it for show not for charity.  Yet the Clinton Foundation, purportedly a charity, has taken tens of millions from the rich and foreign donors with most of that money going to the Clinton campaign funding their personnel.

When an illegal alien murdered a young woman for fun in San Francisco it was discovered he had been deported numerous times and was a seven time convicted felon.  A citizen only gets three strikes, but San Francisco released this criminal to murder a beautiful young Christian woman and then claim his innocence.  At the same time, a Mexican drug lord escapes a Mexican prison for the second time and Obama leaves the border open to any who would enter the country illegally while claiming it is closed.

Justice for Kate Steinle

Obama’s words and deeds have been so opposite that it is with amazement that those who listen to Democrats blame Republicans for the bad economy while at the same time claiming it is booming.  $800 billion has gone to Wall Street every year Obama has been in power making taxpayers America’s debt slaves.  To top it off, he is reducing the military while socialists and Islamists around the world are invading their neighbors.

If Democrats running the economy was so good then why have so many Californians, Detroiters, and their companies moved to Texas?

The analysis

As Ronald Reagan said, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant.  It’s that they believe so much that isn’t so.”  Liberals believe man’s pollution is the cause of climate change.  Their solution is for America to reduce its energy while allowing China and India to increase theirs exponentially.  Since the North Pole did not melt away two years ago as they said it would, this is simple proof that the entire liberal agenda is to reduce Christian America to a second rate power while allowing anti-Christian socialists like Communist Russia and Islamists to take power in the world.

Democrats have proven they are willing to seize America’s wealth for themselves, make Americans submissive to the most evil regimes of the world, and dupe the people through propaganda using Republicans are their scapegoat.  The question is; why does anyone who believes in Americanism believe anything they say?  To be sure, the office of President of the United States is unique, but there are resumes that include all the experience necessary, and that is governors who do all the same things the president does.

Senators may have inside information in Washington politics that governors lack, but that is inconsequential.  Obama didn’t have two years in Washington before he began campaigning for president, so his own experience in the Senate is negligible.  Obama brought nothing to the office except his ability to charm the gullible and a determination to institute his destructive policies.  America is being fundamentally transformed from the land of the free and home of the brave into Amerika, land of the freeloader and home of the boob.

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  1. Chilly Bergan says:

    What’s wrong in America is that there ain’t more folks with balls like ya’l to speak the TRUTH!!!!!


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