There is no Ronaldus Magnus on a white horse coming to save Republicans


Great Republicans leaders are not born, they are made

Great Republicans are a rare breed; Washingtons, Jeffersons, Lincolns, T. Roosevelts, Eisenhowers, and Reagans do not grow on trees.  Every one of them has fought for the liberty and prosperity of the American people.  For every great Republican there have been great Democrats; Jackson, Cleveland, Wilson, FDR, JFK, and Obama.  Each of them has fought for the power of the American government, but only two of them, Wilson and Obama, have devastated the nation with their tyrannical ideology.  But unlike Wilson, Obama does not see America as a great nation to be exploited, but as the greatest force for evil in the world that must be reduced and transformed.

Republicans are looking for the next Ronald Reagan, but Ronald Reagan of whom they dream did not exist.  He had his triumphs rebuilding the economy, military, and stomping down socialist tyrannies, but he also had his failures in Beirut, and allowing the Democrat controlled Congress to explode the National Debt.  The Iran-Contra Affair was a mix; crushing Democrats trying to make it a scandal, but while supporting both our enemies in the Middle East in killing each other, he found that both sides in Nicaragua were tyrannical leftist oppressors.

Perfect conservatives do not exist, but perfect liberals do

“Liberalism is born of ignorance, and bred on immorality”

No one is born a conservative, but everyone is born a liberal.  While understanding good and bad is ingrained in us, righteousness is learned by coming to understand not just good and bad, but right and wrong.  Children do not grow up knowing how the world works, only what they think is fair and unfair, which is always skewed by their own characters flaws, especially selfishness and greed.

Stop trying to find the PERFECT conservative and allowing the Left to poison the Republican well

No matter what the media says about conservatives like Scott, Cruz, Rubio, and Paul, they are the best conservatives we have and all still have more to learn, as do we all.  The proper course in defeating liberalism begins at the bottom in our schools, but leadership at the top must choose the correct course.  These men are our best chance to find our way back to the America we know and love as the greatest nation on Earth.

Democrat’s wage a dynamic smear campaign on Republicans

An open letter to conservatives from John Hawkins of Right Wing News

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2 Responses to There is no Ronaldus Magnus on a white horse coming to save Republicans

  1. dustyk103 says:

    From FB:

    Mort Davis · Top Commenter · Works at Retired/Self Employed
    Some conservatives attack me as well. I want to reset the legal age of consent to where it was in the 1800’s. Government had no business arbitrarily increasing it. We’re condemning too many young people to lifetime punishment simply because they had consensual sex with each other. The “reasoning” behind laws that put two 12 year olds on sex offender registries for life because they had sex with each other are equally as repugnant as the m,an caused global warming lies.
    Reply · Like · 9 minutes ago


    • dustyk103 says:

      I have to agree that our laws are out of control. Taking away the Founder’s wisdom in voting qualifications made America into a democracy doomed to fail. Democrats used the flawed 15th Amendment, meant to stop southern Democrats from denying eligible blacks the vote, to give the vote to every deadbeat who wants to vote for tax benefits for themselves. The removal of age requirements and responsibility of land ownership that allows easily misled teens and minorities to vote for demagogues, charlatans, and panderers is the biggest mistake Republicans ever made.


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