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The Liberal Code of Conduct

Radical liberal activists believe that the 1st Amendment gives them the right to piss in the faces of their employers.  NFL players and the leftwingnut media think they have a right to stage their protests on the playing field owned … Continue reading

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Liberal’s attention span and gun ignorance a symptom of their backwards thinking

“Great Britain and France don’t have mass killings like the U.S. because they don’t have guns.”  Not by guns, but by bombers at concerts, on trains with kettle bombs, and trucks driving through crowds.  So should the government outlaw kettle … Continue reading

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Obama says America would be safer if white people didn’t own guns

Liberals convinced President George H.W. Bush to do two incredibly stupid things; one was to break his promise and raise taxes, which they hanged on in the next election, second was to enact “gun-free zones,” where citizens would be guaranteed … Continue reading

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Democrats crying ‘wolf’ incite assaults on police stressing them to break

After being assaulted during a routine traffic stop, this officer responds with excessive force.  Democrat’s crying “wolf” and inciting attacks on police have stressed them to the breaking point.  Liberal media is to blame, but they’ll be happy to now … Continue reading

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Obama sets savages loose to shoot police over ‘legitimate grievances’

“Hands, up, don’t shoot” continues to be the lie by which black criminals live as they protest police protecting citizens as racist murderers.  Obama and Holder give them justification for their phony racial divide.  Rather than going to school and … Continue reading

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