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Baltimore mayor gives protesters the go ahead to riot, loot, and burn

Black rioters in Baltimore reign supreme with mayor’s blessing.  Police withdraw as rioters loot and burn at will. Mayor Rawlings: “We also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.” Baltimore mayor: “Give protesters space to … Continue reading

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Democrats crying ‘wolf’ incite assaults on police stressing them to break

After being assaulted during a routine traffic stop, this officer responds with excessive force.  Democrat’s crying “wolf” and inciting attacks on police have stressed them to the breaking point.  Liberal media is to blame, but they’ll be happy to now … Continue reading

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STOP calling the killing of NYPD cops an EXECUTION!  It was MURDER!

An execution is killing someone guilty of a heinous crime and calling it this is implying they were corrupt cops.  These policemen were two good men guilty of nothing except wanting to protect the innocent from the savage.  It wasn’t … Continue reading

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