Democrat’s Vomit a Whopping Load of Bullschiff at Senate’s Impeachment Schiffshow

For three hours the Senate was subjected to this bug-eyed, schiff-eating cockroach from the House spewing schiff from his mouth.  Democrats called this pile of schiff a “dazzling tour de force of truth.”  If this were a real trial Schiff’s entire schiff-loaded statement wouldn’t have been allowed.  These people have schiff-for-brains if they think their schiff doesn’t stink to high heaven.  Lord knows that NeverTrumper Roberts doesn’t take his head out of his ass long enough to not have his head full of schiff when he repeatedly admonishes Republicans for being uncivil to these schiff-faced Democrats lying through their teeth.  He allows Democrats to spew schiff from their mouths as if Schiff speaks truly that the people cannot be trusted with their votes.  It’s not enough for the Democrats to wallow in their schiff through the election.  Trump needs to crush their multitudinous methods of voter fraud from a bogus census to ballot harvesting before it comes.  Let that be done and then the schiff will really hit the fan as Democrats take up arms in open rebellion against the people.

[Author’s Note: The sycophantic liberal media is gushing over Schiff’s remarks as if they were the glorious words of God.  What do you think of what he said?  If you are a conservative who knows the facts, then you see through the Democrat’s schiff.  If you are a liberal lemming then you believe what the media says rather than watch his schiffshow, learn all the facts rather than just reject what you don’t want to hear as conspiracy theory, and decide for yourself.  But that would make them into conservatives as all conservatives are is liberals who were educated.]

Democrats are the schiff under the people’s shoes that are trodding all over the Constitution.  Make them a schiff sandwich and force then to eat the schiff they try to dish out.  Democrats cannot allow free and fair elections if the people will vote them out of office.  That’s why they imported 30 million illegal aliens, pardoned a hundred thousand felons, and enacted rules by which their pollsters can manufacture ballots for Democrats while destroying ballots for Republicans.  That’s why they want the census to count illegal aliens to bloat their House seats in their traitorous sanctuary states and cities from which their corruption overflows into this nation.

Schiff openly declares that Democrats want to do away with fair elections

Democrat’s Presidential Impeachment Campaign

The DNC has no hope of winning the next election to cast out Trump without voter fraud so massive that it cannot help but be glaringly exposed.  But that won’t stop them from doing it!  Schiff says the election cannot be allowed to happen if Trump is the winner.  Their plan is to use their impeachment(s) to distract the people from the fact that it is they who are interfering in elections attempting to overthrow the rightfully elected President of the United States via a coup d’état.  They will even revive the absolute fraud Mueller’s investigation proved Russian collusion to be.

SCHIFF: Mueller and his team found that, quote, “the Russian government perceived that it would benefit from a Trump presidency and work to secure that outcome.” They also found that the Trump campaign expected it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts. And just as he solicited help from Ukraine in 2019, in 2016 then-candidate Trump also solicited help from Russia in his election effort. As you will recall, at a rally in Florida, he said the following.

THE PRESIDENT: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let’s see if that happens.”

SCHIFF: An attempt to use the powers of the presidency to cheat in an election for precisely this reason, the president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.

SCHIFF: President Trump undermined the integrity of our free and fair elections by pressing a foreign power to influence our most sacred right as citizens. Our right to freely choose our leaders. And he threatened our national security by withholding critical aid from a partner on the front lines of war with Russia, an aggressor that has threatened peace and stability on an entire continent. In so doing the president sacrificed not only the security of our European allies, but also our nation’s core national security interests.

ROSENSTEIN: There’s no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There’s no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.

The world knows that Russia did not benefit from anything Trump has done, but benefited mightily from Obama refusing to provide Ukraine with the defense they were promised.  Democrats allege that Trump is guilty of bribery and extortion with a foreign power to undermine American elections.  Yet Mueller found zilch, zero, nada in his two-year microscopic anal exam to uncover any crime by which to charge Donald Trump.  Despite psychotic leftists declaring they have “incontrovertible proof of guilt,” their articles of impeachment contain no charges of any crimes, and they demand the Senate conduct a new investigation under their rulership by which to keep the nation enthralled and distracted from exposing their coup.

Trump needs to bring charges against Biden & Son for their admission of taking bribes and extorting Ukraine.  Democrats keep saying that Hillary’s dossier she bought from Ukraine to manufacture dirt on Trump, Obama’s spying illegally and traitorously on Trump, Schiff plotting with his fellow conspirators to overthrow Trump, and Biden openly bragging about his crimes are all “debunked conspiracy theories.  No criminal ever admits their guilt.  They only justify their crimes.  Leftists spend their lives claiming the truth to be false and their lies to be truth.

Here’s a truth of life; just because a criminal says he is innocent and accuses police of abuse of power doesn’t make him right no matter how many times he tried to employ the Big Lie technique.  Democrats have become criminal advocates wearing the cloak of self-righteous hypocrisy.  They are the corrupters who, in the past, instituted the Inquisition, follow the lead of Islamic oppression, and have openly promoted slavery in America now denying they ever said and did anything of the sort.  Only the most ignorant liberals with their heads buried up their own backsides swallow this schiff and cannot see or hear past the schiff to recognize the truth.

Whistleblower and Schiff plotting within two weeks after inauguration

Make Schiff the face of the Democrat plot

Democrat’s bug-eyed monsters

Between their big-eyed buffoons, Adam Schiff and AOC, plus their other arthropods like tick-bodied Nadler, arachnid Pelosi, and scorpion Schumer, Democrats have cornered the market on nasty, disgusting, vile creatures that have crawled out from under their rocks to infect American culture with their poison.  While Schiff vomits pathological lies from his mouth piling his schiff up so high and so deep that it would impossible to wade through without getting your mouth, eyes, ears, and brains filled with schiff that getting the truth into the public’s eye could be next to impossible.  With their schiff-eating media having their heads buried so far up his arse that they cannot see beyond his schiff makes informing the people of the truth about what they are ignoring a monumental task.

The Senate has been turned into the Democratic National Committee better known as the Democrat Nazi Communists.  Beat them at their own game and play audio of this schiff-for-brains leftist liberal Democrat being punked.

The introduction;

“I want to play audio of a member of Congress colluding with agents of a foreign power to dig up dirt on President Trump with the sole purpose of corrupting the election and overturning the rightful election vis a coup.”

Shifty Schiff eats schiff

Report on the words of Schiff & Co. that this impeachment began when their FISA spying failed to sabotage Trump’s election.  Report on how Schiff colluded with the whistleblower from the beginning to create false allegations against America’s most righteous president in our lifetimes.  Finish investigations and file charges on the Democrat conspirators who enacted their coup attempt.  Put them on trial and then you will see America become engaged in uncovering the truth behind Democrat subversion.  Democrats will quickly find themselves up schiff’s creek without a paddle or even a canoe, and liberals will gladly wallow with them saying how good it tastes.

Democrat’s schiffshow

Giuliani ready to drop the hammer

Burisma’s ties to Obama

Laura Ingraham unmasks Schiff’s two-faced lies

Democrat’s Impeachment Gambit – Coverup of a Coup

Tucker Carlson highlights Democrat impeachment orgasms

AOC thinks people make billions only by stealing because that’s how leftists do it

[Author’s Note: In addition to the delusions of Democrat’s impeachment fraud, America is subjected to the lunacy of the likes of AOC and Al Gore fear-mongering climate change as being worse that 9-11, as America’s Dunkirk and Battle of the Bulge.  These witless wonders cannot help but compare fighting climate change to fighting Hitler because they think Christianity is fascist bigotry and that Jesus was a Nazi leader.  AOC says that no one becomes rich by making money but by taking money from the poor.  She believes this as a liberally educated economist because that is how leftists become wealthy.  Rightists who become wealthy by producing great works are discounted by the left because they want the right to take that money from them to line their own pockets.  It is insanely galling that these Democrats are making six figure salaries by taking money from taxpayers and then telling us we have no right to become wealthy without their permission.

These parasites would do the world a favor if they would join in the migration to Mars to live on that lifeless rock instead of trying to suck the life out of this one.  We patriots hope and pray that 2020 is the year America’s vision comes back into focus or it will be the year that the darkness consumes the light.  We cannot trust Democrats with the ballot box.  They keep saying that Trump will steal the next election as he stole the last.  We know from a lifetime of watching Democrats commit massive voter fraud that it is they who commit the crimes.  As all criminals they project their motives and actions onto the righteous and they would scream for blood if they are not permitted to commit their crimes.  President Trump needs to unleash Giuliani to file charges against them and bring them to justice.  If they think they can overthrow us by force of arms, then let them try.

Americans desperately need this president who is actually fulfilling all of his campaign promises that Republicans, conservatives, and Christians have been begging presidents to do for the last century, to fulfill one more promise – to drain the swamp!  These coup conspirators MUST be brought to justice!  So what if Biden is running for president?  Does becoming a presidential candidate make one immune from criminal prosecution for their crimes?  President Trump needs to unleash Giuliani with all of this evidence of Biden’s corruption and then run the table on the conspirators from Strzok all the way up to Obama and their criminal spying on Trump.  He also needs to go after these Democrat governors who violate Constitutional law like Newsom in California and governors in other states along with mayors in major cities like DeBlasio violating immigration law.  And he needs to prosecute governors like Northam who is violating Virginian’s 2nd Amendment rights.  The only way to drain the swamp is to wade in and suck out the muck that Democrat corruption has infected America with at every level from schools and courts to Congress!]

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1 Response to Democrat’s Vomit a Whopping Load of Bullschiff at Senate’s Impeachment Schiffshow

  1. Roy says:

    Hopefully, now, those who vote Democrat will finally realize they have been electing buffoons to congress, for a lifetime career, with a starting salary of $173,000 dollars. Every state run by Dems has turned into a Hellhole. We need to expose the corruption in our own country before we continue to explore the Ukraine and South American corruption.
    Our next election will be overrun with fraud by the Democrats, ignored by the media, and not litigated by the Republicans or dismissed by Leftist judges.
    Separate from this impeachment charade the Biden’s need to be charged with corruption.


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