Is America Doomed?

In the 1st century B.C., the great Roman Republic fell to the tyranny of leftism and became an empire. In the 21st century A.D., will the American Republic allow Democrats to win their 2nd Civil War by undermining the nation from within and enacting a coup to seize power permanently? Or will President Trump defeat them? Democrats have engaged in a coup through sabotage, subterfuge, censorship, persecution, street terrorism, and even through biological warfare. They imported a virus from the Chicoms by which to terrorize the people and blame Trump!

The first Civil War was simply secession from the union to retain slavery that was more easily done because Democrats occupied the South. But Republicans forced Democrats to give up their slaves. This time they occupy the cities with welfare voter slaves and ignorant liberal dupes. They are attempting a coup from within to overthrow the Constitution and establish themselves as socialist dictators to put the flyover states under one-party rule. When the Roman Republic fell it began Rome’s long decline into tyranny and decadence until it finally collapsed from corruption within and enemies without. Will this be America’s fate?

American liberty stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while we patriots are true. Be warned; they will try to take the ballots.

Marxists Always Said if They Can Infiltrate 1% of Society, They Can Control the Other 99%

The election will be thrown into chaos as Democrat controlled states refuse to certify their votes on Election Day. They will instead wait for several more days to count ballots mailed that night in response to the vote counts. Thus, Democrats will have an opportunity to see how many votes they need on election night to flip elections. They will mail in however many thousands of ballots they need to do so. All they need do is disqualify mailed in Republican ballots and count those they need to overturn the results. This is the knife edge on which liberty stands to be won or lost to the Democrat coup. Democrats of the left want a nation of regressive socialism that they call “progressive” but will return America to rule by the elites over the masses.

Obama’s reign was not just a typical presidency and you know it. His lies about being transparent and scandal free are galactic jokes in the face of his hateful crimes against Americans. AG Barr has said he will not investigate Obama and the top tiers of the DNC like Hillary and Biden even though we know Obama acted treasonously, that Hillary destroyed evidence of her crimes, and Biden is likewise hiding his families criminal undertakings. If Barr only said he would not investigate them in order to conceal that he is due to the potential for retaliation by Democrats for even conducting it, I could understand. Obama’s was no ordinary presidency. He was not raised in America to love this country. He was raised in Indonesia and taught to hate it. He actively took actions to bring down this country. He financed our enemies with taxpayer money while choking American’s economy. He openly persecuted Christians while aiding anti-Christian Islamists. He funded the creation of ISIS and then deliberately depleted our military. His treason goes far beyond Democratic politics. He needs to be prosecuted along with all the Democrats participating in his treason!

Hillary and Biden both operate extensive mobster crime families within the government. They extorted and bribed foreign governments, they engaged in racketeering, money laundering, destroying evidence, and every type of criminal enterprise common to mobsters up to and including having witnesses murdered. We know leftwing fascist commie Democrats have no regard for life, liberty, or righteousness. Democrats have been murdering American citizens and police in the streets, conducting riots every time one of their criminals is killed in a gunfight with cops. They have been murdering citizens in nursing homes and hospitals by deliberately exposing them to Covid infections and denying them lifesaving medicines. If they are willing to do this what makes anyone think they would not be willing to have agents deliberately spread disease so they can call Republicans “super spreaders?” What makes you think they wouldn’t cheat in an election?

Coronavirus is dominating the stump this last week before Election Day. As it is spiking, people are wondering why when so many are wearing masks? Biden promises another shutdown like Europe is stupidly doing. Democrats are blaming Trump for saying people have to learn to live with it while they say he is expecting people to die from it. The more people that test positive for it the lower the mortality rate becomes. That lower rate is just more proof that Democrats deliberately inflated mortality in the early weeks. There is no cure for this just like the flu. You can’t put this genie back in the bottle. A doctor’s study of people listed as having died of Covid found that most died of other causes perhaps exacerbated by the infection. This same truth holds true for Swine Flu, but at that time Democrats deliberately omitted it from their cause of deaths because Obama was president. Essentially, Covid and Swine Flu are the same when all Democrat factors are eliminated.

Democrats are also apoplectic over Trump appointing a third justice to the Supreme Court that he is legally and rightfully entitled to do. In doing so, he replaced one of their rabid leftwing activists with a Christian conservative constitutionalist. They vow revenge. That revenge will be in the form of destroying the Constitution the next time they are able to take power. They refuse to answer questions about their goals because they know they can’t tell the truth and they can’t be caught in their lies. There is never any reason to trust any Democrat who smears Republicans by projecting their own criminal intentions on them. Listen to what Democrats say about Republicans and flip it around and you will see that Democrats are the criminally corrupt racist haters they constantly falsely accuse Republicans of being. No election is a choice over the lesser of two evils so long as RINOs are not involved.

President Trump needs to defeat this year’s ballot fraud and enact severe election reform before the next election. He needs to prosecute Democrats for their coup. So long as they are allowed to stand for election, American stands in danger of falling to leftism. The criminals, mobsters, racketeers, and betrayers need to face justice for their crimes and treasons. The left keeps saying Trump has committed treason over their Russian collusion fraud, while Obama, Biden, Hillary, and others have committed outright treason against the people. America must force everyone to vote in person with validated ID and ink their fingers to prevent repeat voting. Put fingerprints on their ballots to prevent poll workers from manufacturing phony ballots. Only then will we see a true return of the vote. If Democrats are allowed to steal the election, then America will truly see a return to a part of America’s past as Democrats enslave the masses.

A Fountain of Knowledge and Wisdom: The Coming Election

Prager U teaching good moral sense and actual America history

[Author’s Note: Can you recognize the difference between Trump’s promises that include his plans and Biden’s empty rhetoric? When it comes to Coronavirus, Joe Biden says things like Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, that he’s incompetent and hides from it. Joe says he knows how to lead. He says that he’ll knows how to lead and solve problems. He can resolve this crisis with science and good medicine. He will unite the country in confronting this disease head on. He will be fearless in the face of adversity. And Americans can rest assured he will not rest until we come through this crisis together. For those of you who are impressed with such empty rhetoric, you need to learn to ask a one word question that you never asked of Obama when he said he would make healthcare affordable – “how?” Liberal Democrats never answer that question. When they ask it of Trump, he always gives an answer, and then they act like he didn’t. When you learn to recognize the word tricks of leftists then you will learn enlightenment.

Coronavirus is a prime example of why you should never listen to a leftist. At the beginning, Dr. Fauci, an Obama operative, misinformed the president of the mortality rate of this Chinese bioweapon that Democrats insisted would be racist if we didn’t import it. He told President Trump that 2.2 million people would die of it. It was months later that he amended this to say that’s how many would die if we did nothing – no warning the public, no mitigation efforts, no medical treatments, no medicines, and no quarantines of the sick. The reason 2 million people died in 1917 is because we didn’t have anti-biotics or mitigating treatments like zinc, vitamins, and Hydroxychloroquine. President Trump can honestly declare he saved 2 million lives on the basis of what leftist doctors declared in January. They knew then that facemasks would not mitigate the spread.

The shutdown of the economy was to slow the spread so hospitals could prepare, not stop it! But they didn’t need to as it wasn’t as bad as they warned if medicines and precautions were used that Democrats not only ignored but overrode. Now Democrats want to keep the economy shutdown, seize power, and then make Republican states pay for all the damage Democrats have done to themselves in their efforts to smear Trump. It is time to reopen the economy and prosecute these Democrats for their crimes against the country. President Trump needs to sweep the Obamaites from his administration and put an end to Democrat’s Civil War II by crushing their rebellion and prosecuting their leaders. America cannot afford to have Democrats and their propaganda media, all enemies of liberty, continue to warp minds and corrupt hearts.]

TRUE the VOTE! To believe in Democrats you have to be stupid!

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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5 Responses to Is America Doomed?

  1. grjenkin says:

    Not an easy job. Well done with


  2. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    I blame Idealist Elitists Globalists of various grades for the pandemic, if there had been n ok business being conducted by prior mentioned individuals the Wuhan epidemic would have remained that an epidemic confined to China.

    As for those United States corporate lackeys who had been in China at the time of the outbreak they were allowed on United States soil by 1 of the evil minions appointed by that foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator,” a physician appointed to the State Department who overruled the POTUS and the CDC.


  3. Roy says:

    I really thought AG Barr was going to clean up the justice dept. Maybe president Trump should have put Judge Jeanine Pirro in charge.


    • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

      “Billy Boy” Barr should have never been appointed as U.S.A.G., anyone who followed data sources were informed upfront that William Barr has been a long time friend with Robert Mueller.


  4. Moni says:

    It’s interesting to find this and read your thoughts after the Nov 6 election is long past. You said “ The election will be thrown into chaos as Democrat controlled states refuse to certify their votes on Election Day. They will instead wait for several more days to count ballots mailed that night in response to the vote counts. Thus, Democrats will have an opportunity to see how many votes they need on election night to flip elections. They will mail in however many thousands of ballots they need to do so. All they need do is disqualify mailed in Republican ballots and count those they need to overturn the results. This is the knife edge on which liberty stands to be won or lost to the Democrat coup.”

    Prophetic!!! Many of us SAW this happen. With the recent Supreme Court decision yesterday now that they won’t even hear the election case, I recommend Clarence Thomas’ dissent on why they should have heard the case, I don’t see how anything can be fixed.

    What I saw on January 6 shocked me. Not because of what the media said but because media spin showed they have complete control of the narrative. Trump supporter killed by police and somehow we’re the violent ones?

    I’m afraid the GOP and others have completely lost control of our government a long time ago, and Trump was the last gasp of hope for us. By the way I found your blog in the search results next to an article comparing Jan 6 to the end of Weimar Germany. It continues to amaze me how people can learn about that time in history and come up with such inadequate parallels while being so close to the truth. I see you are a student of history so I look forward to reading more posts from someone who actually seems to understand what’s going on.

    Liked by 1 person

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