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Democrat’s Impeachment Gambit – Coverup of a Coup

Are allegations true facts?  It is a fact that an allegation was made that President Trump committed crimes.  Does making an allegation make the charge true?  A leftist will say yes, you are guilty until proven innocent.  This is how … Continue reading

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Forging a Global Utopia

Democrats believe they can create a New World Order wherein they can live in Utopia!  This fantasy is based on liberal beliefs that socialism is fair for all people where need and greed will be abolished.  While this is portrayed … Continue reading

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Liberal Fascists Import Latino-Communists and Islamo-Nazis

It isn’t fear-mongering when they are actually striving to destroy you.  Leftists of the world, from United States democratic socialists, to leftist liberal fascists, to South American Latino-communists, to Middle Eastern Islamo-Nazis, all are uniting to subdue Europe and destroy … Continue reading

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Vote Democrat to Restore ObamaCare taxes on the lower class

Will Americans vote to keep making America great again or restore Obammunism?  Will Americans stand for law and order or endorse foreign invaders and criminals?  Will Americans vote for righteousness or vote stupidly to allow the rule of the mob? … Continue reading

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Republican McCain Makes an Excellent Democrat Promoting Fake News

Has CNN and the Democrat media gotten tired of doing retractions yet?  How many have they done in the last month to apologize for their fake news?  A dozen?  And that’s only the lies that are so blatant, so obvious, … Continue reading

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