Liberals only use 10% of their brains

10% of our brain

We are all born ignorant and must spend our lives learning what is right.  But how do we do this when we are beset by deceivers?  Wisdom is not imparted in a paragraph, but in a lifetime of learning.

Though Rush Limbaugh says he can fight liberalism with half his brain tied behind his back, scientists say we only use 10% of our brain. Which is more likely; that scientists know everything and are correct that humans don’t use 90% of our enormous brains, or that they haven’t yet figured out how that other 90% is used?  Five hundred years ago, scientists thought the Sun revolved around the Earth.  Two hundred years ago they thought there were only six planets in our solar system.  And just twenty five years ago they thought the Universe was less than ten billion light years across.

From this fact we can extrapolate that the liberal declaration that global warming is “settled science” is yet another fallacy that scientists have all the answers.  It is a common failing among the young and ignorant that those of higher intelligence and greater knowledge than themselves know everything about everything and always tell the truth.  The fact is that scientists don’t have all the answers because they don’t have all the facts but are learning as they go, as are we all.  But that doesn’t stop greed from leading some to corrupt the truth.

Follow the money of the global warming scam

What people do not understand, including some conservatives, is that we are all born liberal or, more accurately, we are all born leftists.  Being born means being completely ignorant of all things because no one is born knowing or understanding anything.  Learning is a lifelong process and just because you learn quickly and become a rightist doesn’t mean you know everything and no longer succumb to the emotionalism of the Left.  But those who rely on emotion rather than reason take longer, and some never understand, that being leftist is not another way do be right, which is why Churchill made his famous quote.

21st century Liberalism is based on 19th century socialism, not the 18th century liberalism on which America was founded – that faith and technology can walk hand-in-hand.  Socialism is about repression of both while espousing itself as “enlightenment.”  America was founded as a Republic for a reason.  Democracy is the tyranny of the majority while Socialism is the tyranny of the minority, and understanding that is the beginning of enlightenment.

Democratic socialism, like most all things in which the Left believes, is a contradiction in terms.  The dichotomy and hypocrisy in people is found on the Left, not in the lies they tell about the Right.  Developing the moral compass by which to discern the lies and comprehend the truth is the single most important knowledge one can find in life.  That is why most youths are liberals and most seniors are conservatives – because they learned the difference between good and bad vs. right and wrong.

Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  America’s youth is being corrupted by the Left.  Proceed only if you would be exposed to the Light.

Climate change “science”


Believing that scientists can accurately predict global climate based on postulations of computer models is no different than believing they can predict the weather based on the Farmer’s Almanac.  Climate scientists have made a number of predictions over the last thirty years that have all proven they have no more clues about the distant future than they have about what is going to over the short term.  Just because man can make his immediate environment filthy does not mean he can change the climate of the planet.

The ecosystem of the Earth has been dealing with massive infusions of pollutants for millennia.  Whenever a volcano explodes, as we have seen over recent decades, the planetary impact of these contaminants has been absorbed by the planet’s ecosystem without disrupting global by more than a smidgen.  Likewise, the impact of mankind’s industrial endeavors and burning of fossil fuels has a minimal effect on the planet.  For example, the setting afire of every oil field in Kuwait during the Gulf War that climate scientists said would cause the equivalent of a nuclear winter – yet didn’t change global temperatures by even a smidgeon.

Environmentalist whackos failed predictions of catastrophe

The truth is that our industries are not harming the planet.  To have clean water and clean air does not mean we must abolish our technological advances, nor does it mean we must lessen our technology.  We can have both because our air and water do not have to be pristine because we have the ability to clean what we muck up.  Mankind is not a virus killing the planet – we are God’s creation with the responsibility to clean our rooms and not sh*t where we eat.

The Green War against the working class


Have you ever noticed in movies that it is always liberal whackos who want to destroy mankind to save the planet and it is they who choose whom to save and who to cull?  (e.g. “Kingsman”)  All the Bond films are that because they all represent those who fight for liberty against those who fight to oppress others.  Be they Nazis, Communists, Imperialists, Islamists, Fascists, Anarchists – they are all socialist dictators who demand all people be the peasant masses serving the government.

The confusion lies in the liberal mind that does not understand right from wrong, nor have they learned to separate fact from fiction.  Instead they are fooled into thinking that movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” have any basis in reality.  America defeated totalitarianism in the 20th century and stopped the Nazis, Fascists, and Imperialists, and today they have been corrupted to think they shouldn’t stop the new totalitarians of Islamists, Communists, and Anarchists (criminals who defy the law because they want to be the dictators).  Being able to see the truth requires two things; learning history and right from wrong, i.e. using your head and not your heart to make intelligent decisions.

How America can win the war against the global jihadi movement

Jihadi terrorism and the failure of presidential candidates and the West

Can't coexist

America’s future

Each generation has not just the responsibility, but the need to learn from preceding generations.  That is how culture and civilization advances.  Tribalism, a word being thrown around today by liberals who don’t understand what it means, but think it means the same thing as factions, is what civilization overcomes.  A gang is a tribe, and it is immoral, brutal, and uncaring of others.

They are the kinds of people who grow up to support factions that would destroy others who stand in their way to power.  America was founded on the basis of giving everyone the opportunity to improve their lives under government protection.  All others are taught service to the government means service to the nation, but that is not so.  Service in America is service to the people, and those in government lead, not rule.

America’s government has become corrupted by those who would rule.  The Founders foresaw this and attempted to install checks and balances to negate anyone from corrupting the government to become a dictatorship.  Through propaganda teaching ignorant youths to fight against the businesses that create jobs and pandering that promises them free stuff and being a nanny, America’s youth has been dumbed down and corrupted.  It is the responsibility of the adults to turn our children away from the entertainment that fills their minds with trash and teach them what is right.

“He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

America is reliving the 1930s that led to WWII and will lead to WWIII in which, this time, we will not come away unscathed.  The war against evil is a never ending one in which each generation must carry the torch because evil never stops.  A new generation means new individuals who are born ignorant, immoral, and some turn greedy.

The Great Obama Depression 2009 – present


Liberalism is the teaching of immorality by the deceivers who want to keep the masses ignorant.  “Money is the root of all evil” is a leftist saying that hides the truth so they can corrupt the young to be greedy for what old men have worked their whole lives to achieve.  “The love of money (greed) is the root of all evil” is the correct saying that applies to people of all social classes.  Becoming rich does not make one greedy, but coveting what others have without being willing to work for it does.  Greed is taking from others without concern for anyone but oneself.

The teaching of religion is scorned by the Left as “antiquated.”  But it is Christianity that has taught people to be considerate of others.  Instead, the atheists are teaming up with the Islamists to destroy Christianity.  They do this for the same reason the Communists allied with the Nazis at the beginning of WWII – to destroy their common enemy; those who live in liberty.  But eventually, the two will be at each other’s throats as they fight for dominance.

There are two ways that greedy people seek to acquire wealth; they steal it by force, or they fool others into giving it to them.  Until young Americans are taught not to be fooled, and are willing to stand and fight those who would subjugate them, America is in danger of becoming history.  The easiest way for our young to be corrupted is to be fooled into giving up their liberty rather than fighting for it.  They lay down for the promise of prosperity by those who offer Utopia but deliver servitude, and scapegoat others in the minds of their ignorant followers.

The fact is that the title of this article – that liberals only use 10% of their brains – is a misnomer to illuminate the fact that it is not for lack of intelligence that liberals believe in the wrong things, but a matter of ignorance.  Young people mistake ignorance for stupidity because they have not yet learned the difference, just as they mistake prejudice for bigotry.  Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, while stupidity is an inability to learn.

While ignorance can be overcome, stupidity cannot.  Those who lie to themselves are mired in beliefs that, even though proven wrong, they continue to adhere.  And as Forrest and Larry say,

“Stupid is as stupid does,” and, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Smart vs. stupid

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

It is up to us to overcome liberalism through teaching those who are rational human beings to not lie to themselves, but examine the facts, make critical comparisons, and face the truth.  Those who seek to crush free speech so that the truth cannot be told, who condemn others as not believing in science when they are the ones crying, “The sky is falling,” are the irrational, unreasonable ones who would remain in their tribal state.  And they are the most likely to take up a stone and display their savagery in their contempt of civilized man.

Democrats are destroying America and her Dream

Author’s note: Young liberals would do well to go back and watch the movie, “Monster, Inc.” for the best moral lesson of their lives.  No one starts out at the top of their profession, so why would you expect to become a millionaire working at McDonalds?  Flipping burgers is not a profession, but a place to start to learn a work ethic.  Mike and Sully live the life lesson that if you want to get ahead then work hard to be the best you can be at whatever you do and people will take notice and elevate you.  Don’t let the butt lickers of life keep you down!

“Just as you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

Don’t live in denial as a victim.  Open your mind!  Living your dreams requires effort!  Good things come to those who wait.  Great things come to those who go out and earn it!

Liberal’s lack of a moral compass is the cause of misunderstanding conservatism

Conservatism vs. liberalism


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2 Responses to Liberals only use 10% of their brains

  1. EIleen says:

    The progressive takeover of American culture started in the late 1880’s when the hijacking of the public education system started. It took awhile to accomplish that, but IMO, the takeover was complete somewhere in the mid 80’s, at least in the higher education space. I went to a private school, so missed a lot of the indoctrination. The core of the indoctrination is that we plebians are incapable of making our own decisions about our lives and that we need “experts”, usually graduates of name brand ivy league colleges, to make the decisions for us. The takeover of colleges like West Point completed the agenda started around a hundred years ago with the first progressives.


  2. dustyk103 says:

    Here is a prime example of dysfunctional liberal thinking:

    This one believes Democrats were founded on freedom when they controlled slavery in the South, and Republicans were founded on totalitarian government when they fought to abolish slavery.


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