Trump channels Obama, Cruz talks sense, Republicans divide against Democrat insanity

Trump vs. Obama

Making America great again is not rocket science, but choosing the man to do so apparently is.  While Trump follows the Obama campaign model, Cruz tries the intellectual approach and suddenly finds he has 99 new friends in Washington.  Republicans are dividing in the face of Democrat insanity to elect the same losers over and over expecting a different result.

Liberals live in opposite world.  They believe that capitalism wrecked the American economy and socialism will save it.  They believe Rome was a genocidal oppressor and Islam is enlightenment.  They believe that God is a tyrant and Satan is a liberator.

In the face of this kind of dysfunctional thinking Republicans are divided between Donald Trump, who channels Obama and uses the model of the most worthless man ever to be elected president to manipulate voters, and Ted Cruz, an indisputable man of intelligence, honesty, and integrity who falls short when his intellect is challenged by the emotionally unstable.  But Trump has managed to smear Cruz with oodles of mud-slinging that vapid followers believe.  Cruz, while being the true blue conservative and intellectual of the two, finds himself shoved to the side by people who are more easily led by character assassination than uplifting ideology.

While Trump is known for supporting liberal Democrats, his personal ideology is less clear.  As a man who became a billionaire he recognized that he had to grease the palms of greedy Democrats in order to avoid their ire.  But this compounds his bid to be the representative of the people as a conservative leader.  His ability to steamroller the media and rally support to the conservative cause, however, is unequalled.  And no one has come forth to demonstrate that Trump is in any way duplicitous as Obama.

Cruz, on the other hand, has been repeatedly beaten down by the media and his own party.  Now the GOP is rallying behind him in the hopes of stopping Trump, but it is equally certain they have no desire to see Cruz prevail.  Both of these men represent the end of the gravy train that liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans have been enjoying as they tax America into bankruptcy.

Churchill spoke the truth when he said, “If you’re over 30 and a liberal, you have no brain.”  You cannot overcome the dysfunctional, neurotic psychoses of the Left with reason but, as Rush says, you must defeat it.  But conservatives will not win if they remain divided against themselves because neither Trump nor Cruz is the perfect conservative – or even adult.

There are those of us who believe that, as a team, they would be a juggernaut.  Trump needs Cruz to guide him in conservative values, and Cruz needs Trump to teach him how to overcome opposition.  The question is, after all the vitriol that has passed between them in their war of words and smear campaigns, can they come together?  Are these men bigger than themselves, or will America fall because of their egotistical selfishness?

More to the point – can the people overcome their infantile antagonism of #NeverTrump and #NeverCruz?  This nation is on the brink of dissolution and it is the maturity of the people that is leading it down the road Democrats have paved on their way to Hell.  Conservatives are supposed to be the grownups, so how about we stop falling back into our adolescent liberal roots?

United we stand.  Divided we fall.

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3 Responses to Trump channels Obama, Cruz talks sense, Republicans divide against Democrat insanity

  1. Jesse says:

    Thank you for telling the TRUTH about Donald Trump!!


    • dustyk103 says:

      What truth do you think I just told? All I did was explain that Trump is using the same campaign tactics as Obama – smearing your opponent with lies and innuendo. Propaganda is like the Force – it has a strong influence on the weak-minded.


  2. Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

    The truth is that Trump used to run around spreading the ridiculous slander that President Obama was born in a foreign country.

    Mr. Trump should be made to prove that at least one of his parents was not really an orangutan.

    He has never publicized his long form birth certificate!


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