Jihadi terrorism and the failure of presidential candidates and the West


As Europeans are being raped in their own streets by Moslem invaders, as they are killed in the places they thought were safe from jihadi terrorists, Obama praises one of the most evil socialist regimes on earth and dances with a smile.

Military terminology is something that is understood by most civilians.  The liberal press chastised Donald Trump for not knowing what the Nuclear Triad is, they damned Ted Cruz for saying he would carpet bomb terrorists, while Hillary Clinton says terrorists are just criminals, and Bernie Sanders surrendered saying it’s just the world we live in today.  They all say we must defeat terrorism, but not one of them has a cogent plan of how to do so or what must be done.

Definitions: The most important element in defeating an enemy is knowing your enemy and yourself – Sun Tzu.  This bit of wisdom is 2500 years old, yet we have Democrats like Obama, Clinton, and Sanders believing that terrorists are just criminals who chose their path because they can’t find jobs.  Carpet bombing is a WWII term for laying waste to cities through massive aerial bombardment, and the Nuclear Triad is America’s ability to destroy any nation from land, sea, or air with ICBMs launched from silos or submarines, or cruise missiles from Air Force bombers.

None of these are effective in fighting terrorists.  The first thing that must be understood about Islamic terrorism is that it is not in response to what America has done to them as the Left claims.  Atheist socialists have as little understanding of Islamist Jihadis as the Soviet Communists had of Nazi Germany.  The two ally against Christians and the West just as the two evil empires of Europe did in WWII, but they will eventually turn on one another for dominance over the corpses of those they have murdered.

Understanding how we got here

Today the only terrorists left are the Islamic Jihad.  Barack Hussein Obama will not name them Islamic because he has a fantasy belief of Islam as the idyllic religion of peace and not the true teachings of Muhammad.  Those ignorant of history and Muhammad have no clue that he was not a man of peace but a man of war and conquest.

They have no clue that Moslems waged Jihad (Holy War) against the world and, for the first century after their fanatic armies swept out of Arabia, conquered their way across Africa, Europe, and Asia until stopped by the Byzantines, Franks, and Indians.  After they were pushed back, Moslems changed their methods to one of infiltration, convincing converts through Muhammad’s beginning teachings of peace and love.  Then as they gained strength they would be in-your-face submit to Islam as the true god and those who rejected them were said to insult and attack Islam giving them the excuse Muhammad used in attacking Mecca.

Islamism and socialism – the in-your-face ideologies

The Arabs waged Jihad against all others until the Turks invaded from Mongolia and conquered them.  But then the Turks converted and waged Jihad until they were finally put down by Europeans whose technology outstripped the stagnant ideological teachings of Islam.  When the Turks joined with the Germans in WWI the British led the Arabs in revolt against them and destroyed the Ottoman Empire.

Since then the West attempted to make nice with them in exchange for oil trading rights, but Arabs turned on the West.  They now have billions of dollars to advance into the 21st century technologically, but still have their Islamic heritage of Muhammad’s fanatic death cult and are using it to disrupt the West in order to intimidate others to submit to Islam.  This is not a criminal enterprise to make money because they have billions, not vengeance for interference by the America from whom they have benefited mightily, but an ideological undertaking by a people brainwashed from infancy into a theocratic totalitarian doctrine of enslaving all people under the boot of Muhammad’s Islam.  Hitler and Stalin had nothing on the evil of this man.

Defeating the Jihad

The most important element to understand is that we are not fighting terrorism for the sake of politics or money.  Those who become suicide bombers are not the poor or ignorant.  Most importantly, no one can defeat terrorism by stopping terrorists.  What must be stopped is the ideology they follow.

There are four levels of Islamic jihadi terrorism:

  • Jihadis who are willing to kill and die for their cause
  • Islamic leaders who recruit and unleash these killers
  • Governments who support these Islamist leaders
  • Islamic teachings on which the Jihad is founded

Everyone agrees that ISIS is an army of savages who are committing mass murder and genocide in the Middle East.  They are exporting their fighters to the world along with masses of Moslems who are crying for refugee status and then raping the women in their host countries.  Europeans have welcomed them but now are recoiling in horror.

If the Jihad is to be defeated then the West is going to have to dig down to the root cause, which is Islam.  You can kill jihadis by letting them kill themselves in suicide bombings but they take dozens of innocent people with them.  You can kill them by invading their strongholds, but Democrats have held back both America and Israel from rooting out Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS.  Or you can kill them by going after the states that support them like Iran, Yemen, and now many others.

This is a war and it will continue until there are one of two results – the world submits to Islam and lives under the same kind of totalitarian dictatorship the Nazis would have inflicted on the world, or it can be beaten down and eliminated.  Either way this is going to be a long and bloody war, but that is nothing new to Islamists who have waged this war for fourteen hundred years.  Liberals cry that children are caught up in the destruction of war, but they express no concern for the children that are the victims of the Jihad who are murdered or enslaved.

Where America stands today

Obama blames ISIS on Bush invading Iraq, but the invasion of Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein was not the catalyst of the renewed Jihad.  Neither was the endorsement of the renewed state of Israel.  The truth is the Jihad had been beaten down, but never ended, and modern events have led to its renewal, not because the West started playing in the Arab’s sandbox, but because they have had an infusion of vast wealth.

Secondly, though Israel and Iraq are used as excuses by Democrats for the Jihad, they are insignificant compared to the betrayal of the man they installed as President of the United States and Leader of the Free World – a man raised as a Moslem in the third world America hating country of Indonesia.  Democrats have never given Israel the support they really needed to defeat jihadis seeking to destroy them since its inception.  But now Obama has unleashed the Jihad on the world through his support of the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing their dictators who held jihadis in check.

Following WWI the Turks and the Arabs all had leaders take power who were not theocrats.  But in 1979 President Carter in his infinite stupidity, allowed a theocrat to overthrow the leader of Iran.  Since then Iran has been ginning up the Muslim Brotherhood and inciting terror around the world.  Iranians supplied weapons and bombs to insurgents in Iraq to kill American soldiers until General Petraeus, damned by Democrats, defeated the insurgency in 2007.

Obama’s removal of American troops leaving weakened Iraq vulnerable, along with his support of the overthrow of leaders in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and elsewhere has led to the Middle East being engulfed in flames.  Democrats betrayed America in their choice of leadership and their choice of allies, praising socialist dictatorships like Cuba while not only allowing America’s European allies to be invaded, but strong-arming them to accept Moslems into their homes.  No country in the Middle East is taking in these “refugees” because they know that is not what they are.  Democrats pretend to speak out against the Jihad, but the Jihad by the ultimate socialist ideology is not something they would actually want to stop when it gives them the ability to fool people into giving them more power over their lives.

Democrats say jihadi terror not about a religion

Hillary Clinton – terror warrior

The evidence

Apologists and the truth about Islam

Islamist apologists say that the jihadis are “radicals” who want to create a backlash against Islam.  They do this, they say, so that those Moslems who are in the middle caught between their religion and the Christian West will say that the radicals are right about the West.  Many Moslems have embraced the West and have turned against the teachings of Muhammad to wage Jihad on unbelievers and they have been declared apostates by Islamists.

What the West needs to realize is that they are not the ones who are caught in the middle between rejecting Islam or submitting to it.  Those Moslems who would embrace Jihad in response to westerner’s rejection of Islam are not the fault of anti-Islamists, nor are they our responsibility.  People choose how they will live their lives in the eyes of God – either serving others or serving themselves.  Those who believe serving God is by helping others will turn to Christ, while those who believe serving God is by killing others will turn to Muhammad.

When those who choose murder as the way to serve their deity then it is obvious they are serving a different god and not people with whom those who love God want to be friends.  It isn’t we who must sell our souls to prove we are not hateful and allow Islam to spread.  It is we who must stand up for what is righteous and stop this hateful ideology from spreading.  We are not responsible for the choices of those who would accept the way of Muhammad, but we are responsible to our children who we expose to the worst corruption the world has ever known.

Dr. Ben Carson – “This, unfortunately, is what the radical Islamists are counting on.  In the memorandum that was discovered during the Holy Land Foundation trial it talked about the fact that, in America, we would have people who were so interested in political correctness that we would allow them to destroy us.”

God’s Love vs. Self love

Muhammad the First Terrorist and his religion of self-imposed brainwashing

Reforming Islam is as absurd as reforming Christianity

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4 Responses to Jihadi terrorism and the failure of presidential candidates and the West

  1. Patricia Brake says:

    Great article. Obummer uses prayer rugs I hear, and he seems to be a violent crazy antiAmerican traitor guilty of treason. Can he be sent to Reindition along with Killary for selling or giving weapons and money to terrorists? Wish military would step up and depose them. How else can they be stopped? Seems to be lots of corrupt lying dems and too many terrorists sneaking in. We need a wall and mass deportation. ASAP. I think Trump is only one who can save America. Others bought and paid for. Soros is war criminal and Rico rioter inciter and $16/hr employer of protesters on Craig’s list. He should be sent to nazi trials, or to Putin since he tried to bankrupt them as well as many other countries. So many evil people. Seems so dire and imminent. You agree?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joe K says:

    Funny I don’t see anything under “How we got here” that say anything about how American Imperialism has been pillaging and raping the Middle East for decades.

    I see nothing about how the US overthrows democratically elected gov’ts and installs a US friendly dictator, like we did in Iran in 1953

    I see nothing as to how the West drew up national borders that split friendly tribes into separate countries and combined other combatant tribes into one country… Then wonder why things are a mess.

    I see nothing about how the U.S. normalized radical Islam…. How we encouraged these animals to be savage, so we could convince them to fight the godless communists.

    I see nothing on how the U.S. supports oppressive dictators with one hand while we condemn dictators with the other.

    I see nothing how we trained and armed many of the same people we fight today. Thank you President Reagan! and Clinton… and Bush…. and Obama!

    I see nothing about how we asked Middle East Muslims to fight for us, then we abandoned them.

    I see nothing on how we’ve killed or displaced millions of innocent civilians with our indiscriminate killing.

    I see nothing about how we did signature strikes on people…. Where we don’t even know who we’re going after.

    I see nothing as to how we abandoned our American values to torture people… to indefinitely hold them without a trial… thus making us the bad guys.

    I see nothing about how the U.S. does double tap strikes, where we circle back around and kill first responders.

    Sry Dusty…. The U.S. has much of the blame as to how we got here.

    We’re not fighting Islam. Islam isn’t named as the enemy, because it’s not. The jihadists WANT us to name Islam the enemy, so they can recruit more people. So they can say, “See! We told you all along! The West is against ALL Muslims!” We only have a problem with the Muslim’s in the Middle East. that’s not even where most of them are! Most Muslims live in South – South/East Asia and we don’t have much of a problem with any of them.

    People like you want to give the terrorists exactly what they stated as their goals. They want us to give up our freedoms. They want us to discard our values. They want us to go bankrupt fighting them. They want us to go overseas so they can kill us more easily and they can recruit more people. It’s harder to recruit people to fight a boogie man on the opposite side of the Earth than it is to say, “See! The white devil is on the other side of that mountain! They are in your lands!”

    There ya go Dusty. I finally posted on your rag website. I hope you like it.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Thanks, Joe, I appreciate you bringing your argument here when it can be discussed. It’s alot more productive that people who just blurt out that my site is all lies to try to dissuade people from learning the truth. Now, permit me to rip your argument to shreds paragraph by paragraph. 🙂

      Where is the evidence we “pillaged” anything? The Middle East has gotten fabulously wealthy off of trading with us, even after they violated those trade agreements, nationalized the oil wells we built, and held the oil we agreed to trade for for ransom. Have you seen the city of Dubai? You should check it out!

      Dictators were installed in all these countries because the theocrats who would be in charge are unstable to say the least, e.g. Carter allowing Iran to be taken over by the Ayatollah. That really made things so much better for us and them!

      “I see nothing as to how the West drew up national borders that split friendly tribes into separate countries and combined other combatant tribes into one country… Then wonder why things are a mess.”

      With this I have to agree 100%. Westerners made those divisions based on poor knowledge following their forced breakup of the Ottoman Empire. All I can say is now we have to deal with that mess.

      It didn’t take the U.S. to “normalize radical Islam” as it has always existed. Giving the Afghans weapons to stick it to the Soviets really didn’t help Afghanistan because it’s not possible to help a bunch of independent tribal warlords who will never cooperate with anyone else. That is what has made dealing with Afghanistan a nightmare throughout history.

      Most dictators in Moslem countries keep the peace by keeping the “radicals” (jihadis) in check. Quite different from the Castros who oppress their people for their own monetary gain. But some, like the Royal Saudi family, are just like them and hog all the vast wealth their oil trade has brought into their country. As per usual, we can’t tell other countries how to run their business and still trade with them. It’s one or the other.

      I also agree with you about arming these people. I don’t think we should have spent any time, money, and equipment trying to train Iraqis to be better. We should have left the Iraqi military intact. Alot that was done by people who didn’t understand what it took to do nation building. But we didn’t abandon them after asking them to fight for us. They thought they could ransom concessions, but the fault is equally Obama’s for not bargaining but yanking out all our troops to leave the power vacuum which ever single general in the military said was a massive disaster before he did it. Just so, it is Obama who unleashed the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Middle East dictators and set the region aflame with jihadis running amok. It isn’t America that kills and displaced civilians. Obama owns all that.

      We have never abandoned American principles. Terrorists are not soldiers and do not fall under the Geneva Convention or even the laws of man. They are rabid animals that must be destroyed by any means necessary. It is not against our principles to torture known terrorists. It’s against our principles to torture people at random. And frankly what liberals call torture is what wimps call mental abuse.

      “I see nothing about how the U.S. does double tap strikes, where we circle back around and kill first responders.” What are you talking about?

      The U.S. is not to blame for jihadis that have been around since Muhammad. The problem with Islam is that people in the U.S. do not understand what they are up against. As I’ve said repeatedly, most Moslems would not want to participate in the Jihad, but most do support inflicting Sharia Law on the world, so it is Islam that is the problem. We won’t incite world war or go bankrupt fighting them if we do it smartly. Gen. Petraeus showed how to get it done. Obama is showing how to help it grow. Crushing the Jihad would be simple if commanders were put in charge whose purpose it was to do so. Nobody, not even the Moslems who want to spread Sharia, wants to live in war zones.


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