Liberal’s lack of a moral compass is the cause of misunderstanding conservatism


Totalitarianism vs. Americanism; how ignorance leads to idiocracy and the successful corruption of the population to desire totalitarian rule.  This is why so many Americans would have Barack Obama be made king rather than live free.  The American eagle and the socialist snake are the perfect representations of liberty being undermined by the poison of tyranny.

No one starts out in life a master of their craft or a murderer.  We all become what we end up being in life according to the choices we make.  Those choices are made depending on what we learn of morality.  We are all born leftwing/liberals and only become rightwing/conservative by learning how the world works and making the right choices.

God knows that, despite being seemingly innocent children, we grow up to make bad choices as sinners.  It is overcoming those bad choices that we either become mature, moral adults, or embracing those bad choices that make us immoral people who lie, cheat, deceive, and the worst will steal and kill.  Young people are most easily duped because they do not yet understand these principles.

It’s not often that Hollywood gets it right, but the message in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is clear and should be understood by all young Americans.  If we cannot be overcome by force then they will seek to undermine us.  If they cannot break us then they will deceive us and convince us to give up our beliefs.  Evil is insidious and will never stop and any weakness, be it fatigue, lack of diligence, or foolish ignorance or attempts to negotiate will be exploited.

“If you compromise with evil, evil wins.” – Rush Limbaugh

You wonder how those who play heroes in the movies cannot see the difference between the liberal socialism they endorse and the conservative Christianity they scorn.  You wonder how those who read history overlook the foundational tenets of Islam that promotes war, oppression, and slavery, but are quick to condemn Christianity for the corruption of the Medieval Catholic Church that adopted those tenets during the Dark Ages, and then dismiss the Reformation in which Christians crushed the Inquisition.  You wonder where the moral compass of those who believe the Bible says, “Kill them all and let God sort them out,” who do not understand that is leftist corruption speaking and that neither Jesus nor any of his followers ever said any such thing.

People who see Christians as Nazis and socialists as saviors see God as evil and Satan as good.  They believe God is a dictator from whom Satan will free them.  Which do you think is righteous; the God who says love and sacrifice for others or the god who demands you submit or die?

There’s a difference between killing bad guys to protect people and killing people to secure power.  There’s a reason why socialists always begin by disarm in the people and killing off teachers.  There’s a difference between Hollywood actors who pretend to be heroes but don’t understand morality and American soldiers who actually serve and sacrifice for their country.  What does it say about a culture that sanctifies killing babies in the womb while protecting murderers in prison?

Choosing to fight evil or join with it is why we live these temporary lives.  God knows our hearts, but we still have the freedom and ability to choose.  Even though He is omniscient and already knows our choices because He exists outside of material time, we still have our opportunity to make that choice of our own free will.

America – Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

America was founded as a Republic for a reason – because neither totalitarianism nor democracy works.  Totalitarianism breeds government either by a single monarch or group of socialists with all their offspring; Imperialism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Islamism, and every tyrannical government by which a few oppress the many.  Democracy breeds the tyranny of the majority in which the minority is oppressed by an increasingly corrupt leadership who maintain their power through pandering, demagoguery, and lying propaganda that always devolves into totalitarian rule.

A republic protects individual’s rights, while tyrannies crush them.  There is no Utopia in which all citizens always cooperate as there are always those who are envious, greedy, and will steal from others.  Stealing always takes two forms; force or coercion.  If they cannot take it from you, then they’ll convince you to give it to the by making you feel unsecure or telling you that others are stealing from you or that you are needed for some noble undertaking like saving the planet.

Will we choose love and sacrifice or war and oppression?  Will we let evil rule or fight for the righteous?  Will we recognize right from wrong or be played for fools?  The question to be resolved in an America that is heading down the left fork in the road is; do liberals lack a moral compass, or do they just lack the education to give them knowledge of morality of which they are ignorant?

The Founders rightly said that the Constitution was written for and cannot survive except in a state of a moral people who take responsibility for themselves and always consider the welfare of others.  America is equally divided between liberals, moderates, and conservatives with moderates being composed of those who are in the process of learning to mature beyond liberalism into conservatism.  No one is born righteous because we are all born sinners and must learn not to behave like a bunch of ignorant savages yearning for more for ourselves without consideration of others.

When Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, we lost the excuse of not understanding.  But, as social historians have taught us, the barbarians at the gate are not only foreigners, but our own children whom we are required to teach lest they grow up to become savages.  The choice is always ours.

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(It’s a funny thing that people ignorant of Bible try to tell those who study it what it means.  They don’t only not understand that the apple was not from the ‘Tree of Knowledge,’ but that the knowledge was of Good and Evil.  They believe Original Sin to be sex and not what it actually is as taught in the Bible – disobedience to God’s rules – the rules of civilized human behavior.)

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1 Response to Liberal’s lack of a moral compass is the cause of misunderstanding conservatism

  1. vladdi says:

    Their whole recent focus on their “right-wing radicalization” slander is typical of the communazis’ relativism – their #1 alibi to excuse their crimes is the Argumentum Tu Quoque “Two wrongs make a right!” fallacy: “We (leftists/muslims) aren’t evil because you all do it, too! Whee!” so in order to “prove” this fallacy, they need to cherry-pick evidence that others “do it too!”

    But honestly, people – “right wingers” don’t actually exist.

    Hitler was a National SOCIALIST.

    And even “Fascism” was invented by Benito Mussolini, the devoted Italian SOCIALIST.

    So, what’s a “right winger?” It’s any normal person who wakes up enough to take a bit of time off from minding their own businesses to temporarily band together to vote to not be extorted any more by group-might-makes-rights-worshipping “socialist” gangsters.


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