Seeing through the mud-slinging, smears, and propaganda about Trump/Cruz

Boehner supports Trump and Cruz

Americans have become completely lost in the mud-slinging, smear, and propaganda of the 2016 political campaign.   There are those who believe Boehner supports Trump because he hates Cruz, while at the same time say he is trying to sabotage Trump’s campaign and buddying up to Cruz.  The lemmings are voting and insanity reigns.

When Trump began running for the Republican nomination the GOP demanded an oath from him not to run 3rd party and split the Republican ticket.  Now that he looks like he may get the nomination some of them are talking of creating a third party or voting for Hillary!  The Trump vs. Cruz and Republican vs. Democrat political campaign is in full swing and the lemmings believe everything that comes out of the mouth of whomever they support.

e.g.; FOX News was anti-Trump and now they are pro-Trump!  CNN was anti-Republican and now they’re pro-Cruz!  It’s not just the insanity of the campaign; it’s the insanity of the people who believe all the crap, the mud-slinging, the smears, and anything written on the Internet!  It’s as idiotic, hypocritical, and just plain stupid as believing that Bush 43 was both an idiot and an evil genius.

What people need to remember is that Trump got into the race to stop Jeb Bush who announced from the start that he wanted to win the nomination without the TEA Party conservative base of the Republican Party.  Trump came along and appealed to the base, and also stole the moderates away from Bush!  Now the TEA Party is split between Trump, who trounced Bush & Co., and Cruz, who rose only because Trump eliminated the GOP elites that stood against him.

Half the TEA Party is against Trump because he’s now trying to appeal to moderates who have been foolishly voting for liberal Democrats the past ten years.  While half the moderates are against him because he has half the TEA Party supporting his anti-illegal immigrant, anti-Moslem, American first campaign.  As with all politics it’s a lose-lose proposition.

This is why American’s always end up voting “for the lesser of two evils.”  The insanity of the #NeverSoandso people has reached a fevered pitch in this campaign season.  People need to stop deluding themselves that their candidate represents Godliness and the other is the servant of Satan.  They’re just politicians fighting a war of words and recognize that it is easier to smear an opponent in the minds of fools than to elevate themselves because the voters just aren’t that bright.

Republicans who say they’ll vote for Hillary over Trump

GOP elites support 3rd party and Democrats against Trump

The solution is for Trump and Cruz to follow the Reagan/Bush model.  In 1980 after a very contentious primary, Ronald Reagan brought Republicans together by nominating George H.W. Bush as his VP.  If Trump doesn’t win before the convention and do likewise and take Cruz as his running mate then the party is going to split asunder in a contested convention and America will be lost.

And it won’t be lost because politicians are corrupt, but because her people are.  The nastiness of political campaign propaganda is why people always go to the polls unhappy with their choices rather than believing that they are electing the best candidate to lead the nation.  Well, ok, maybe except for Obama voters who ran off the cliff of hope and change completely duped by a charlatan?  People say Trump is the same, but those who know him personally, unlike Obama who made it clear in his book and campaign that he was going to make America pay, attest to Trump’s love of America and his desire to help businesses thrive once again.

Trump/Cruz 2016 – united we stand, divided we fall

Trump and Cruz – both good men

[Author’s Note: The mudslinging and smears began in earnest a few months ago when Trump took the lead and ousted Jeb.  Trump has waged an effective campaign of mockery while Cruz has tried to wage an honest intellectual campaign.  We can see which one works better.  Now the smears and hypocrisy have gotten out of control.  Besides candidates pandering, making slips, and acting counter productively to their own campaigns as both Trump and Cruz have, there are loads of bloggers on the Internet just making sh*t up as they go!  Trump panders to the mushy middle while Cruz finds he suddenly has 99 new friends.  I stopped listening to all the crap weeks ago and I urge readers to understand that this is just how politics devolve to appeal to the least intelligent among us.  Don’t turn away in disgust, but recognize the truth.]

(Here’s a prime example; I just posted this on the “Ted Cruz Meme Page” on Facebook and the page owner deleted my posts and blocked me from posting!  This is the kind of vitriolic psychotic behavior in which leftists indulge to shut down free speech.  Don’t indulge in your leftist nature.  Overcome it!  Clue to conservatives – when you find yourself on the same side as leftist liberals then you need to re-examine the stand you take.)

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