Mad dog Democrats are the ultimate hypocrites


Mad dog Democrats are attacking Trump supporters at his rallies and then claiming victim status.  The liberal media is blaming Trump for these attacks and then, when Trump warns that there could be riots if the GOP sh*ts on voters at the convention by nominating one of their own instead of one of the people’s choice, they tell their mindless followers he is “calling for riots.”  This insanity is pure leftwing vegan delight for brain dead liberal zombies.

Two-faced liberals have not forgotten Obama’s vulgarity and calls for violence against Republicans for which they cheered over the years.  Now that it is being turned on them they cry foul.  Liberalism is the heart and soul of hypocrisy.

After years of rioting, looting, burning, and murdering cops on our streets, Democrats are whimpering over Donald Trump saying to punch them in the face when they act nasty.  Democrats are being violently ejected from Trump rallies they are attempting to disrupt and the liberal media, who applauded Obama when he said he would conduct his politics the Chicago way by bringing a gun to a knife fight, are damning Trump for saying he hits back twice as hard.  I say take these two-faced hypocrites, beat them down, and thrown them bloodied back into the streets!  This is the time to fight fire with fire!

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats justify attacking others and damn Republicans who defend themselves.  It is their lack of a moral compass that they see executing a murderer or killing in self-defense as murder.  Blacks are responsible for half the crime in America despite being 12% of the population.  Democrats account for 80% of the violent crime in the nation and 100% of the political riots.  They are a national disaster unto themselves.

Jesus said when someone slaps your face then you should turn the other cheek and that is a reference to how to respond to a person who insults you.  He did NOT say if someone punches you in the face that you should let them beat you.  He did NOT say if someone beats you to the ground you should yield to them.  He did NOT say if someone murders your brother you should give them your son.

Liberals are the ultimate two-faced hypocrites who cheer for their own when they commit violence and damn Republicans who would stop them.   But if the shoe were on the other foot then they damn Republicans for being disruptive and cheer Democrats who beat them.  Liberals always believe the evil and violence they commit is righteous and justified and opposition to them is evil because their moral compass is twisted.

The leftist media faux lamentation of the loss of dignity in this election cycle decries Trump’s rhetoric as beneath those who seek the presidency saying he should be disqualified.  They have not forgotten when Obama referred to the TEA Party as Teabaggers, or referred to Sarah Palin saying, “You can put lipstick on a pig,” or told his supporter to “get in their faces” and “bring a gun to a knife fight” because they cheered for those vulgarities and then voted for him!  If ever there was a constant on which you can count it is that the Left has two-faces and that leftists are the heart of soul of self-righteous hypocrisy.

Make no mistake: Leftists are to blame for anarchy at Trump rallies

Trump rally in Chicago canceled after violent scuffles

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7 Responses to Mad dog Democrats are the ultimate hypocrites

  1. John clapp says:

    Dusty when you print the truth you get thrown off of these sites period. I have posted that every presidential assassination has been committed by a registered democrat and gotten thrown off of numerous sites. They also don’t like you to report that every act of mass murder in this country since 1950 with the exception of two has been committed by a registered democrat or the children of registered democrats.


  2. Sara says:

    I agree with everything in this blog so far, but am concerned about the rising violence. Yes, I absolutely believe it’s the fault of the race baiting rioters, also know as Bernie supporters/Black Lives Matter cultists, but I think we need a better idea than “Hit ’em back twice as hard”. Tho maybe a couple common sense knocks to the head might improve some of them! I like both Cruz & Trump, for different reasons, but in response to a lot of this mob/riot mentality, I’ve seen vastly different responses from both of them, and each one, isn’t helping. No, I don’t have a clue what *would* be the right one, but I was kinda hoping they would have nailed it. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, and not, to my knowledge, lay there & be a victim. What ever happened to peaceful protest? To leading by example?


    • dustyk103 says:

      Turning the other cheek is Jesus’ way of saying if someone insults you don’t retaliate and be a juvenile. A slap on the face is an insult, not an assault. A punch in the face is an assault and for that Jesus didn’t have to tell his followers to show restraint because it is a violation of the law, God’s as well as Man’s.

      As for violent protesters it was the choice of the government to allow them to loot and burn and assault police without retaliation. As far as I’m concerned when someone lights up a Molotov Cocktail to throw at police or hurls a big rock it is no different than using a gun and those people should be shot!


  3. Sara says:

    Agreed. Completely. I was just really hoping for some non-violent come-to-Jesus moment, or some such thing. I think that the GOP missed a chance to stand united against the Dems in their condemnation of what these thugs did, instead of insisting that it was Trump’s fault. It was a moment where they could have shined a spot light on how thuggish the left now is, instead of choosing to sling poor with the rest of the apes. It’s seeing the downward spiral and knowing “This can only end in tears”.


  4. Sara says:

    dangit, “poop” not “poor”. Tho that does bring to mind a funny visual…


    • dustyk103 says:

      Normally I edit typos for people, but you’re right, it’s a funny visual.

      People who believe they can force others to comply with their will by inflicting violence on them only come to Jesus if they are striving for righteousness and see the error in their ways. MLK saw this in striving against oppression. BLM is not striving for against oppression, but to inflict it. They are bullies who only see themselves as profiting from their violence and the only way to stop such a bully is to knock him down.


  5. Sara says:

    Agreed. Kinda makes you feel like they never watch the news about the middle east, and how rioting & inflicting their will on others is working out over there. They should keep in mind, however, that while they can ‘get away’ with this sort of thing in the big, downtrodden cities, suburban & rural America, and it’s citizens, are a lot less sympathetic to their childish tantrums. And we’re armed. So very, very well, in some cases;-)


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