You don’t need science to prove Democrat’s global warming is a scam

Global warm periods1

How do liberal scientists explain the warm periods between multiple ice ages?  How do they explain that those periods were far warmer than today and the Earth is still growing plant life rather than being a burned out cinder?  How do they explain that climate changed happened without mankind’s industrial pollution.  Do they believe mankind has been about the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years recreating industry age after age?

All you need to know that the tale that man’s carbon dioxide is driving, or even influencing, climate change is a fraud is to go back and watch Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” again and this time pay attention to his predictions!  Because none of what he said will happen has happened, (because he stupidly gave the predictions of his global warming scientists rather than push them out a hundred years to when no one could verify their accuracy), liberals try to distance themselves from Al Gore who is a politician, not a scientist.  But Al got his information from scientists, and that is a fact that cannot be denied.

Global warming is about politics and the science of the Democrat scam to convince gullible people to give the government more money.  Understanding science is really unnecessary when the facts of Democrat policies regarding global warming are examined.  They are completely exposed by scientists who are now claiming that Earth is going to enter a cooling stage.

Climate change is real, obviously.  What is not real is that mankind’s production of CO2 and other so-called “greenhouse gases” is the cause of global warming or any other changes in the ozone, global cooling, or any other effect on global temperatures.  The proof of this is found in the actions of Democrats who are crying that “the sky is falling.”

Carbon credits

Conservatives complain that liberals like Al Gore who are creating a phony climate scare produce a hundred times more CO2 than the average person.  If their claims of global warming are true, then between his homes, his private jet, and his vehicles, Al Gore’s “carbon footprint” is a crime against humanity.  Al Gore has a solution – he pays for “Carbon Credits.”

Carbon Credits is nothing more than paying for trees to be planted.  Green plants absorb carbon dioxide the way animals absorb oxygen.  It is the most basic necessity of life for them.  Just as we breathe in oxygen and expel CO2, plants breathe in CO2 and expel oxygen.

This supposedly repairs the damage done by Al Gore’s carbon footprint.  But wait, it gets better!  Al Gore OWNS the company from which he buys his carbon credits.  And in addition to paying himself for his carbon credits, he gets a tax break from his fellow Democrats who created a loophole just for his company!  So the money he spends he gets right back, and doesn’t have to pay taxes on it!  What a deal!!!

China’s growing industry

Over the last fifty years, America’s dirty, pollution spewing industries have moved to China.  Steel is no longer produced in America.  Democrats say they moved because Republicans wanted cheaper labor.  The truth is they moved because Democrats demanded more in taxes than companies could afford.

But now China is producing more pollution than America and Europe combined ever did, and India is growing for the same reason.  What does this mean for global warming?  While America is powering down its economy, China is building theirs without restraint, so Obama went to China to work out a deal to save the planet.

What kind of deal did Barack Obama make with China to stop them from destroying the planet with CO2?  He gave them free reign for the next fifteen years to expand their industries as much as they want.  The coal-powered electric plants that Obama wants to shut down in America – the Chinese are building a new one every week.

If generating CO2 from fossil fuels electric generators is what is going to destroy the Earth, then why did Obama just make a deal whereby China can make all they want?  Why is America energy being choked to death while China’s is expanding exponentially?  Why is America’s military being downsized while China is building theirs at wartime rates?  These are the kinds of questions that come from critical thinking that liberals do not use their brains to exercise.

Foolish Americans

It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are or how intelligent the educated scientist is as our brains are just like computers.  Having a high IQ/CPU, a great education with a super memory/Hard Drive, just like a computer if you put garbage in you get garbage out.  And that’s what you get from liberals who will not listen to the truth – they just regurgitate the lies they are told and believe in the stupidest things.

The entire climate change meme is one colossal load of B.S. whose only purpose is to part fools from their money and make America weak.  Why else would liberals want those who speak out against their agenda charged with a crime?  Why else would liberals say don’t listen to FOX News because it lies, when all they get from their mainstream media is Democrat propaganda?

Food for thought:

Scientists know that Earth has gone through several ice ages with short warm periods in between like the one we are in currently.  What they don’t know is what causes the warm periods, or what causes the ice ages?  One theory that may be the most valid is that of the Super-volcano.

Previous warm periods were much hotter than this one, and obviously mankind’s industries did not cause them.  The Sun, while a stable source of heat, is not a static one.  But it may even be that the Sun cools for a hundred thousand years at a time after a ten thousand year burst.

Scientists cannot know the answer to the questions.  But scammers can pretend to know and that is what’s at the bottom line of today’s Democrat agenda.  Buying global warming insurance from the Democrats is as dumb as buying meteorite insurance.  It’s going to happen, there’s nothing you can do about it, so you are better off saving your money to spend on something wise because Democrats are not going to save you from anything except your own money.

Global warming science is based only on computer models designed by liberals.  There is no empirical evidence that CO2 or any other action of mankind can affect the climate of the planet.  But there is plenty of evidence that Democrats are defrauding the people by being Chicken Littles.

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23 Responses to You don’t need science to prove Democrat’s global warming is a scam

  1. Fredcopter says:

    I knew it was a scam the moment Al Gore started preaching it. Look at the money trail and you see who is getting rich from this so called man made climate change. The scientists perpetuating this bunk are the ones getting special grants to study it. Al Gore and others are making a bundle, and as far a Obama is concerned, anything bad for this country is good to him in this upside down world we live in, (you know everything good is bad and everything bad is good).


  2. Who wrote the article and could you list sources/citations.


  3. Frekki says:

    “Steel is no longer produced in America.”
    Then why do I work for Nucor in Kentucky making steel? We are one of the most efficient steel mills in the world, right here in America. America will make over 100 million tons of steel this year, while China will make over 400 million. For US steel to compete, here on our shores, we need the Government to force anyone selling steel in America, to obey EPA and OSHA regulations, and prove it. China kills it’s steel workers, and then undercuts our prices here at home.

    Liked by 1 person

    • John says:

      I think you well know he was speaking in relative terms, your 100 million tons plus others in the US are a mere drop in the world’s steel market.


  4. Laura says:

    Theres 6 BILLION TOO many humans on earth our water supply has been decreased in the last 5 years 3/4 so someones gonna die, and the Ovomit and governments are working harder to kill off some of us…reminds me of Bush Jr when he stated on his campaign trail Americans are going to do without, I’m going to herd them like cattle


  5. Scott Scarborough says:

    You say you don’t need science to prove Liberals wrong yet your fist figure, before any text even, is a nice scientific graph of temperatures dating back half a million years showing that past temperatures were warmer than today. My be you don’t need science but it sure helps.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Would you rather have a graph of Al Gore’s wealth generating carbon credits? Science shows that global temperatures were much higher than today, yet the world still plunged into ice ages ten eons long. The graph is to show people that they have far less to fear from a little temperature rise today that Democrats say will destroy all life on Earth.


      • Matt says:

        Dusty: I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of this scam. I would love to use the graph from this article as it clearly shows a distinct pattern of cooling and warming (that liberals have “conveniently” disregarded since this issue has been brought up). To squelch those who would seek to discredit this data, can you tell the source of the data and/or graph? Thanks!


        • dustyk103 says:

          Thanks, Matt. I just grabbed it off of images on the Internet. I don’t know who actually produced it. There are dozens like it.


    • Matt says:

      It’s a graph detailing the past’s temperature. It’s fact.


  6. Krypto says:

    I don’t know who wrote the article, but I recognize that chart from It is an excellent and up-to-date website for climate data.


  7. Warren Hall says:

    In eras long past, when the earth’s temperatures soared, life flourished like never before or since. Gigantism was the norm when monstrous trees and huge primitive vertebrates were across the planet. Then we had ice-ages where life was a struggle and the giant species died out. I am not saying that cooling weather was the total cause of massive extinction events, just that they did not happen during warming cycles. So let’s pray for global warming rather than the opposite.

    Carbon dioxide was not the problem then, and is not the problem now. Owebama lies as he seeks control of wealth and its distribution. Gore is just too stupid to know better, and too dumb to be the leader of a conspiracy.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ramal Nodrac says:

    Extensive science is not needed to prove the fraud of global warming. Atlanta and Phoenix are nearly identical in elevation and latitude. They only differ in the amount of “greenhouse” gases (water vapor, CO2 and methane). Atlanta has much, much more “greenhouse” gas and is a garden of green and approximately 10 degrees cooler. The conclusion can only be that “greenhouse” gases cool not heat.

    As a side note which would support more humans and provide a better life? The desert around Phoenix or the lush vegetation and flowing rivers amount Atlanta? OBI (obvious by inspection)


    • Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

      “Atlanta has much, much more “greenhouse” gas and is a garden of green and approximately 10 degrees cooler. The conclusion can only be that “greenhouse” gases cool not heat.”

      Well now, if you completely ignore the influence of humidity, of shade, of prevailing wind patterns, and of the Gulf Stream, I suppose that would be the only conclusion you could reach. There are going to be more than two or three variables on this equation, I hope we can all understand that much. If you only select a few data points that agree with your preconceived beliefs, that would diminish the accuracy of your inspection, would it not?

      I find your dismissive attitude toward “extensive science” to be pretty strange and a little disturbing. Extensive science really works, it gave us electric batteries and an astronaut on the moon and a more complete understanding of the origin of our species and a cure for polio. Without extensive and rigorous application of the scientific method we would not be able to advance technologically. Do not be so hasty to take it for granted.

      I suspect that there is a reason that none of you want to pay any attention to real science. It is because you have made up your minds and do not want to change them. There are innumerable experiments that can be done to directly observe how methane absorbs heat, and they will all yield the same result every single time because these are chemical compound with defined physical properties. Anyone who would imply that methane somehow cools our atmosphere very simply has NO IDEA WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT.


      • dustyk103 says:

        As usual, Arthur, I find your claim of “extensive science” to be even more disturbing when the solution to global warming, global cooling, or climate change of any sort is always that government should have more taxpayer money to give to their friends. That and the only “science” that proves climate change is caused by man is computer models which are nothing more than garbage-in-garbage-out. Chicken Little only profits from fools who are easily parted from their money.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Willy Rho says:

    There should be Consequences for the Rulers Lying to the Citizens. Like Flogging with 2,000 lashes or just han ggning. by their heels and and allowing the effected citizens to Flog them.


  10. MrLogical says:

    The AGW fanatics need to take a couple of courses in thermodynamics and heliophysics.
    It’s the sun, stupid.


  11. polarisgold says:

    Whenever I hear someone crying about global warming and how its all our fault I simply ask one question: How many people were around when the last ice age melted?? Most of the time there is silence or the subject changes. Useful Idiots just regurgitate some crap they heard in college…..and have no answer.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. chuck says:



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