Liberals blame Republicans for behaving like Democrats

liberal greed

America’s greedy young vote for the guy who promises them free stuff!

Don’t blame conservatives because Republican moderates are little better than liberal Democrats when it comes to wasting taxpayer’s money on their cronies.  Remember – YOU VOTED FOR THIS!

The problem with America today is not corporate greed.  It isn’t racism, homophobia, or Christian bigotry.  The problem with America today isn’t stodgy old conservatives who won’t change and “modernize” their thinking like young progressives.

The problem with America today is young, ignorant liberalism.

Why do you think Democrats want to lower voting age to 16?  It isn’t because high schoolers are wise.  It isn’t because they are intelligent or knowledgeable.  It’s because they are ignorant and easily manipulated.

Leftist progressivism isn’t about advancing civilization.  It’s about taking us back to when the “elites” ruled the masses.  America has become corrupt, her government has become corrupt, and her people are ones who made it that way because they voted for it!  If Republicans are promoting corporate greed, welfare, and government freebies it is because liberals wanted it they have been voting for Democrats who have spent the last century doing exactly that!

America was designed to do two things; allow people to prosper according to their own abilities and protect them from those who would do them harm.  Prosperity and protection are the purposes of a government of, by, and for the people to serve and protect them, NOT to give them freebies.  Government can give nothing without first taking it from somebody else.

People make money in one of two ways; the trade a service for which other people are willing to pay or they steal it.  Working a job is how you develop a skill or product for which others will pay.  If you won’t work then you must steal and having government steal it for you still makes you a thief!

Here’s a secret – EVERYONE starts out in life as a young, ignorant liberal.  (For the definition of this in 21st century America don’t look up Classical Liberalism.  look up Socialism).  Most mature and learn how the world works and eventually become conservative.  (For the definition of this in 21st century America don’t look up conservatism.  Look up Classical Liberalism or Christian conservatism.)

The changing definitions of liberalism

Too many ignorant, young liberals are immature and retain the arrogance and conceit they develop in their early teens when they figure out they know things.  This is when people like Al Gore will go to them and stroke their infantile egos and tell them they understand things their parents don’t understand.  Then he sells global warming to them.

Let me tell you another secret – there’s nothing you know that your parents don’t understand.  They were your age once, but they have grown and matured and learned better.  You may be smart, but you are not wise.  Wisdom is knowing when to believe someone else and understand the difference between those who tell you the truth and those who mislead you for their own purpose.

In the case of all things it is always wise to “follow the money.”  This is something liberals don’t do when it comes to global warming because it is not just tied to their knowledge.  It is tied to their faith – a false faith in man rather than in God.

The world is beset by evil every day and it is brought on by evil men who would do harm to others to benefit themselves.  Young Americans are being confused by these men to distrust American police and the military and those who sacrifice themselves for their protection.  The corruption in the military is miniscule compared to corruption in the government.

Until our youth mature enough to recognize this then they will be led down the road to Hell that is paved with good intentions.  They will be taken in by panderers who offer them free stuff, or demagogues who say they are destroying the planet, and they will turn from those who tell them to beware of those who would kill and enslave them.  Understanding the wisdom of older people, and recognized which speak wisdom and which speak nonsense, is the challenge for every generation.  Hopefully they will learn before they destroy themselves.

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