Trump won’t forgive Megyn Kelly and says he’ll make deals with Pelosi and Reid

Trump on O'Reilly


Donald Trump is not winning conservative voters.  He’s upset about questions he got from Megyn Kelly because he thought she was being nasty to him.  If he thinks she was being nasty just wait till he gets the nomination and MSNBC unloads on him!

In addition to this, he’s taken up the meme that Ted Cruz is disliked in Washington, not because he’s the most honest man there who sticks to his guns and demands that Republicans serve the people, but because “he’s a nasty guy that lies.”  After seven years of having Republicans say they will fight the Democrat agenda and then lay down and vote for it, to accuse Ted Cruz of being part of them is like accusing George Washington of being Hitler!  He’s upset about Kelly’s questions and he does this to Ted?

Trump’s Facebook asks, “would the people be honored to call Donald Trump their president?”  I ask if Mr. Trump would be honored to serve as my president?  This makes conservatives wonder if Donald Trump is emotionally stable enough to be president or if he’s actually more narcissistic than Obama.  We don’t want a president we honor.  We want a president who will make us proud!

Donald Trump does the people, and himself, a disservice by being petulant.  What would prove him to be a worthy statesman at this point would be to listen to O’Reilly’s advice and walk into that debate tonight and say, “I listen to what others say and I’m not in this to serve myself.  Bill was right and I forgive Megyn and FOX for the debacle that was the first debate.  I don’t have to be here, but I’ll do it for the people.  Take your best shot.”  (Though, in truth, Megyn Kelly did no personal insult to Donald and really needs no forgiveness.  It’s not her fault the first debate was trash.)

This could be a great PR stunt for Donald as he has everyone begging for him.  While he’s done a lot to win some of us over, now he’s scaring us.  Is he for us or just for himself?  If he shows up tonight and does like I just said then I’ll stand and applaud and he may just get my vote over Cruz in the primary.  If not, then I have to wonder if he’s just been leading us around by the nose and laughing at us?

The question is; is Donald Trump a statesman who will lead America to be great again and serve the people of this nation?  Or is he another Obama who will dupe us and then turn on us as soon as he has gained power and inflict petty destruction on any who criticize him?  Obama has succeeded for two terms as President of the United States because people are too dim to know when they’re being lied to, and conservatives wonder if The Donald just thinks he can do the same thing or if he will repair the damage Obama has done and restore America?

Trump on O’Reilly

Rush’s analysis of the Trump phenomenon

Trump says he can make deals with Democrats

Author’s note: To be honest, Trump concerns me because I can’t tell if he’s really in this to help the people who have been suffering under liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans for far too long.  While I have hope in what I’ve heard him say, some of his actions like this scare me.  Is he doing it for PR?  Or is he actually an immature buffoon who’s just smart enough to fool the dummies who vote?

Bernie Sanders has a big following.  How much does that prove that Americans just aren’t all that bright?  Look how many believe in global warming.  Look how many are already fully invested in Trump that they’ll hate who he tells them to hate.

I know where Cruz stands.  It is said,

“If you want to know someone, make them mad and fight them.”

I know Ted to be as honest and honorable a man as George Washington, a man who would do no harm to anyone.  I know Barack Obama to be as devious and malicious a person as Adolf Hitler, and his petty assaults along with his destructive machinations make my case.  But about Donald Trump I don’t know – I just don’t know.

The only reason I hold out hope at this point is because of his book.  Just as Obama’s book revealed him to be the America-hating, anti-Christian Moslem I know him to be, Trump’s book reveals a man with no animus.  So why not forgive Megyn and go on?

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  1. onenameleft says:

    Excellent points. I also wonder if trump is trying to eliminate decent candidates and leave us with rino’s in hopes that a democrat gets in to keep their awful policies going.

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