Liberalism is a fountain of contradictions


The fallacies of young liberal beliefs could fill an encyclopedia:

  • They are appalled when they send their child to pet a bear and the bear eats their child.
  • They are dumbfounded when they put their child on a three wheel motorcycle instead of in a Barbie car and they drive off at 40mph and get killed, and then they blame the maker of the motorcycle.
  • They scorn those who eat catfish because they’re “bottom feeders” (meaning they eat other fish’s feces) but they have no clue what farmers use to fertilize their vegetables.
  • They scold others for wasting the flesh of animals they kill rather than using all of it and then are disgusted by how hot dogs are made.
  • They condemn police for carrying guns and killing criminals, but when they are attacked by criminals they call for the cops to come and kill them.
  • They blame the NRA, none of whose members commit gun crimes and all of whom want background checks and security, for the mass shootings by criminals and psychotics who steal guns and pass background checks.
  • They condemn Republicans as greedy businessmen who ship jobs overseas for cheap labor and then laud Democrats who import illegal aliens as cheap labor.
  • They hate Republicans who get rich through good business and applaud Democrats who get rich by stealing.
  • They believe mankind is destroying the planet through carbon dioxide production that must be reduced to save the Earth and then declare that man cannot control the climate.
  • They believe socialism is a good thing and then deny all proof that socialism results in the murder of millions and the impoverishment of nations while the government sucks up all the wealth.
  • They believe Islam is peace as they conduct mass executions, burn churches, and enslave the people and damn Christians for evangelizing Christ and declare that God is a fantasy.
  • They are astounded when they go to a Moslem refugee camp to give them food and water and they get raped.
  • They believe all Republican politicians lie but all Democrat politicians tell the truth.
  • They denounce crime and racism, but if you point out that blacks commit ten times more crime than whites they call you a racist.
  • They forgive Hillary Clinton for exposing America’s deepest secrets to our enemies on her home server and then tries to delete the evidence, and want to destroy General Petraeus for whispering confidential info to his girlfriend.
  • They believe Barack Obama when he says he wants to create jobs, and pay no attention when he passes laws and regulations that destroy jobs.
  • They accept that Obama will expand energy with an “all of the above approach,” and ignore his closures of oil drilling and coal mines while propping up failing wind and solar companies with taxpayer money.
  • They say they believe in fair elections and then commit voter fraud.
  • They believe America steals wealth from poor nations when they give them advanced technology and medicine to make their people’s lives better.
  • They blame America as being the source of evil in the world when America has been the benefactor of every nation in the world.

Christians vs. Moslems 2

Liberals are a fountain of contradictions for two reasons;

  1. Ignorance of how the world works and what their government is doing combined with their simple acceptance of what they are told by the liberal media propagandists.
  2. Deliberately deceiving those who are ignorant because they know they’re not going to pay close attention to what is happening, and they can be steered away from the truth by simply blaming the Right for what the Left is doing.



media propaganda

The former group is mostly the young who have yet to learn, but does consist of some of the older generation who failed to learn.  The latter group is made up of the politicians, the political donors, and the media who want to keep the sheep in the dark so they can be herded more easily.  In both cases, they are the people who are destroying the American Dream and voting for America to be destroyed.

Christians vs. Moslems

They cannot discern the difference between honest politicians and the dishonest ones.  They don’t understand that during campaign season they are all conservatives who will “create jobs and save money.”  Then they gravitate to ones like Sanders and Clinton who promise to give them “freebies,” but don’t tell them that the people who will pay for them – the taxpayers – are going to be made slaves to the government.

You're a racist

Conservatives are those who have learned that politicians that pander and fear-monger in government are the ones who steal from those who work for a living to give to those who vote for a living.  Liberals are those who think the government has money to give to them without first taking it from someone else.  The only way to make them understand is for them to get jobs to work for a living, but Democrats are making it so that that is unnecessary – and that is how the American Dream dies.

World leaders

The cases for conservatism and liberalism when compared side-by-side always sees the moral maturity of conservatism succeed in exposing the foolishness and lies of moral relativism of liberalism.  This is why liberals do not believe in free speech for all, only in free speech for liberals.  Conservatism comes with education and that is why socialist governments always eliminate the teachers and take control of the media first.  Liberals will only overcome their failures when they learn that conservatism is where intelligence, morality, and wisdom live.


Explaining the dysfunctional thinking of the neurotic liberal mind


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8 Responses to Liberalism is a fountain of contradictions

  1. larryzb says:

    Keep up the good work. Challenge people to think outside their comfort zone!

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  2. Gary Des Roches says:

    Isn’t it interesting liberals have so much disdain for “elites”, yet the liberal system requires a group of “elites” to force control over everything? Oddly some of these elites are very rich and contribute huge amounts of money to liberal causes, yet the liberals never question why these rich people would support what would seemingly threaten these same rich people.

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  3. vladdi says:

    Simply since liberalism is all about subjective double-standards it can never make objective sense.

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  4. Bivi says:

    “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”
    ― Euripides, The Bacchae

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  5. Citations? These odd, non-specific generalizations are awash in bad logic. So many uses of the word “they”, without making it clear who exactly “they” are. Are you speaking of different, disparate individuals, groups, sub-groups, ideologies, education levels, socio-economic status, race, religion, etc.? Anyone can point out contradictions between two individuals, groups, sub-groups or factions within the same political ideology. What is the value of that? To have any credibility, your oddly unspecific claims require citations. Otherwise, your funny little claims of contradictions only serve as a beacon of your own shortcomings, ignorance, intellectual and scholarly laziness and/or ineptness, and show you to be the best example of what you think you see in others.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Your attempt at an intellectual refutation is in vain as these generalizations can be applied across the board to the movement and not just to individuals. Accreditation is meaningless when the sheep follow their shepherd mindlessly and repeat what they say without examining the facts for themselves. Any examination of liberalism or the Democrat Party will provide an abundance of examples you say are “unspecific,” but I am not writing a Term Paper that requires me to provide the source of every word I write. Get off your own lazy couch and look them up for yourself. I am here to teach, not spoon feed those who spit out the knowledge imparted to them and try to scrape it up their chin back into their mouths.


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