Make the world America, not make America the world

Divider in chief

Obama has done all in his power to divide and conquer America, including diluting American citizens.  America was born from conservatism and will die under liberalism just like ancient Rome.  The Left does not understand that diversity is not the end goal of America, but unity.  People that immigrated here before now all came to become Americans, not remake America into the land from which they came.

Liberals make all kinds of wild claims about their ideology that are always proven false.  Liberalism begets socialism, and they say that socialism is fair for all and not the most destructive, deadly ideology next to Islam in history.  They ignore the depredations of fourteen centuries of Muhammad’s Islam, arguably the most successful infliction of a socialist ideology in the history of the world.  Their atheist counterparts; Stalin’s Communism, Hitler’s Nazism, Mussolini’s Fascism, Japan’s Imperialism, have all failed because all went to war against America’s free Christian conservatives fighting for liberty.

But liberals will even claim that Jesus was a radical liberal and that God is liberal.  This is amusing considering the fact that liberalism grows from atheism, but that doesn’t stop them from telling Christians what Jesus meant.  It becomes even worse when liberals tell Americans that they are all illegal immigrants and that America’s strength comes from its diversity.

This is only half the story and, as usual, liberals do not understand that American strength doesn’t come from diversity alone.  Diversity in and of itself only leads to division, and no house divided against itself can stand.  Unfortunately, liberals do not understand what that even means.

So I will explain.  When Lincoln said this he was not talking about a building.  He was talking about a family.  What he meant was that a family living under the same roof whose members work against each other will cause that family to fall apart.

America’s strength is not just from its diversity, but from the unity of those diverse peoples coming together for the same goal.  No one came to America to make America into England, or Germany, or Italy, or China, or Africa.  They came here to become part of a new society where the people work together and prosper.

Democrats are bringing in Mexicans who want to take back the part of the country that used to be part of Mexico.  They want to bring in Moslems who want to make America an Islamic state where all those who are not Moslem are second class citizens.  They endorse every little group that wants to carve out a piece of America for themselves, and that is not making America stronger through diversity, but dividing it through selfish conflicts of interest.

Ancient Rome fell the same way.  They began by “making the world Rome” through teaching other countries how to live as the Romans do.  But as they became corrupted they began inviting in foreigners to Roman lands and allowing them to remain foreigners living on Roman soil.  The result was that eventually those groups rose up against the Roman leaders and overthrew the government and let the empire fall to pieces.

America is the new republic based on Christian principles.  For the world to advance in civilization they must follow the American example.  But liberals would rather have America follow the example of foreigners, and if that happens to America then the world we devolve into the next Dark Age and constant war will once again be the order of the day.

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3 Responses to Make the world America, not make America the world

  1. radman414 says:

    In the early days of immigration, America was referred to as a “melting pot,” a place to which the oppressed or just adventurous people from around the world could go, live freely under the laws of our nation, grow families and fulfill the “American Dream” without sacrificing who the were as a people. In those times, immigrants really wanted to fully assimilate into THIS culture, and not be divided up in groups by a “hyphen.”

    But today, as our leftist president attempts to open our borders to faithful followers of the Muslim faith, we face a “clear and present danger” if he succeeds. Why? Because faithful Muslims CANNOT assimilate into any Western-style democratic culture and remain faithful to the dictatorial tenets of the Qur’an, their “prophet” and Sharia law, all of which directly oppose our governmental structure and the individual rights enumerated in the U. S. Constitution.



  2. radman414 says:

    Is the following what you want to permit to immigrate to America:

    1/24/16 – ISIS released a new video today with statements from the Paris attackers, vowing to kill westerners in their homes and chiding Muslims to join jihad now. The 17-minute film, “Kill Them Wherever You Find Them,” was released in English, Arabic and French by Al-Hayat Media Center, the ISIS media arm that recently produced a new issue of Dabiq magazine. ISIS hinted at more on the Paris attacks in last week’s issue with a page featuring the faces of the terrorists over a backdrop of the French capital and the words “Just Terror.”


  3. vladdi says:

    Caliph MuBarak Hussein Osama wants to be remembered as the man who saved the world – from America!


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