The road to liberalism


“Liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make,” says Rush Limbaugh.  It requires no effort to learn, no effort to empathize, and no effort to understand.  No one has to become a liberal as we are all born ignorant.  For some it takes a lifetime of learning to overcome, while for others it never happens.  That is why there are twice as many twenty year olds who are liberal than sixty year olds.  The road to liberalism is always under construction.

The road to becoming a lifelong liberal begins with being lazy.  Sloth means you don’t work because work is hard.  You don’t learn because learning requires work, and you easily fall into addictive, self-destructive behavior because drugs are easy.

When you have nothing because you don’t work, you envy those who do have nice things because they do work.  You make excuses for why they have them unfairly and damn them for having what you don’t.  Before long you resent them and blame them for what you don’t have.

This leads to greed.  Greed is the soul killing trap into which liberals always fall.  Those things they don’t have but want, those things for which they will not work and for which they envy others having and covet them is what leads to greed to have what you do not deserve.  Greed is wanting more than you are willing to work for and being willing to take it from someone who does.

“He who does not teach his child a trade teaches him to be a thief.”

Children don’t have to be taught to be selfish; they have to be taught to share.  They don’t have to be taught to take what they want; they have to be taught to give.  They don’t have to be taught to hit weaker kids; they have to be taught to protect them.  Our young are being raised and taught in our schools to be ignorant, lazy, covetous, greedy cowards more willing to appease criminals and terrorists than to fight and destroy them.

The Democrat Party has been making a living by pandering and demagoguing to the dregs of American society for a century.  They began by instituting the Federal Bank, confiscating wealth through high taxes, and beggaring working Americans to make them dependent on government handouts.  In the 60s they instituted welfare, raided the Social Security Fund, and made blacks their voter slaves under the guise of Civil Rights.

Today they endorse killing babies in the womb and selling their body parts, seizing guns from law-abiding citizens to make them victims of criminals and subjects of tyrants, and weakening the American military and economy to promote socialist ideologies around the world.  Republican moderates are willing to work with liberals for a piece of the pie, which causes confusion among the voters as to which party is better when both employ pandering, cronyism, and demagogue the issues.  Why does anyone vote for liberalism in general or Democrats in particular, or even for Democrats-lite?

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”

Pandering to people by offering them free benefits, demagoguing by telling them the other party is going to take them away, and using their foolish trust to take their money to give to your own friends is what corrupt politics is all about.  Liberals and moderates promise to spend money to make the people’s lives better, but all they do is give them scraps while doling out money to their own friends who in turn support their re-election campaign.

Democratic Socialism: If you give a man a fish he eats for a day (moderate policy), if you teach him to fish he eats for a lifetime (conservative policy), if you give him someone else’s fish he’ll vote for you (liberal policy).

19th century liberalism

Those who were known as liberals in the 19th century are known as conservatives in the 21st century.  Socialists have co-opted the name liberal to hide their backwards, radical Marxist Nazi agenda to unmake America and remake her into a socialist utopia of government dictatorship.

The axiom of conservatism is twisting by the liberal into the means by which the most corrupt and greedy people take what is not theirs and believe they are justified in stealing.  The difference between the Left and Right is in how they become wealthy.  Each side sees how the other operates and both condemn the other for their methods.

The Right does it through hard work, striving to be better, to produce goods others want to buy, saving money, investing, and working long hours for many years.  The Left does it by stealing, conning, corrupting others and taking all they can for themselves.  This is why the Left resents everyone who is wealthy and sees them all as thieves, because that is how they did it.

Ignorant young people are being taught that “socialism is fair” when, in fact, socialism is tyranny.  Socialism accounts for more people murdered by tyrants and in war in the 20th century than all wars or pogroms in all the prior centuries.  Socialist countries are what everyone flees to come to the United States of America.  America’s youth have been taught lies to shame America in order to corrupt them with social rot to voluntarily surrender their liberty.

This is why the Left is concerned about “income inequality” while the Right is concerned about jobs and the economy.  Socialists will happily elect Democrats to do the stealing for them since breaking into people’s homes and banks tends to be very hazardous to their health.  If America doesn’t get control of its education and religious morality back then it will fall the same way the Roman Empire and all other empires did that came before – by corruption from within.

“An intelligent man learns from his mistakes.  A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.  An idiot keeps voting Democrat.”

“Dead people and stupid people have two things in common; just as dead people don’t know they’re dead, stupid people don’t know they’re stupid, and both vote Democrat.”

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