Happy Doomsday from Al Gore, Barack Obama, and Muhammad

algore burns up the earth

Al Gore’s Doomsday Clock hits ZERO!

Climate change caused by America’s CO2 pollution has not only caused there to be no more snow, the seas to rise 25 feet and flood coastal cities, and farmlands to become deserts, but has also incited Moslems to Jihad against the West, has reached the tipping point.  Al Gore warned us in 2006 in his movie!  Now Earth is and all life on the planet are doomed!

The Earth is doomed!  In ten years all life on planet Earth will die of heat stroke.  Al Gore, who predicted in 2006 that after 2013 the North Pole would no longer have an ice cap ever again, has watched his doomsday clock run out!  Gore: The Global Warming Guru who has made over $200 million selling carbon credits has watched as his predictions have come to pass – or maybe not so much.

  • He predicted the seas would rise many feet and flood coastal cities.
  • He predicted farmlands would become deserts.
  • He predicted the North polar ice cap would melt away forever by 2013.
  • He failed to predict that Islamists would launch a worldwide Jihad.

Algore says we have ten years left before the Earth cooks

What none of his “predictions” took into account was that Earth is a water planet.  Like the lands along the equator, the hottest band on Earth, if the temperatures rise the land does not get drier, it gets wetter.  The oceans have risen a massive 0” in the time he said it would rise by feet.  And, despite claims that 2015 was the warmest year on record, the North Pole has more ice than it had thirty years ago and parts of America are having record snow storms.

Meanwhile, Obama is saying that the Jihad has nothing to do with Islam and the teachings of Muhammad.  That centuries of Islamic Jihad against the Europe, launched after Muhammad conquered Mecca, have nothing to do with his charge to his fanatic followers to “put the infidels under the boot of Islam.”  But America’s first Moslem president is having his way in overthrowing secular governments in the Middle East and forcing allies to accept millions of Moslems into their lands where their crimes, depredations, and depravity are increasing daily.

Europe’s rape epidemic

There is no place in the civilized world for the religion of Islam

For all his success with the global warming fraud, Al Gore has had major setbacks as people have become more educated in science and the politics of the scam.  His global warming network he sold to Al-Jazeera to have a voice in America, but they are closing their doors.  Al & Co., his Democrat friends, have had NASA trying to remake science in their favor, but some of those scientists just will not cooperate with the lies.

While some scientists exposed the lie that the Antarctic ice cap is melting, others are perpetuating the lie with the next new thing – that the heat that wasn’t is actually in the ocean two thousand feet down.  Yes, you heard it right – they are claiming the ocean absorbed the global warming of the last twenty years and that is sank, rather than rise as heat does, to be buried deep in the ocean where it will bring disaster!

Man-made heat put in oceans has doubled since 1997

Run, Chicken Little, run!  The sky has stopped falling!  The Earth has stopped burning!  Now the oceans are boiling!

The only question is, in the ten years life on Earth has left, will we realize it in time to save the Earth by giving Democrats more billions of dollars?

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3 Responses to Happy Doomsday from Al Gore, Barack Obama, and Muhammad

  1. boone1 says:

    The best thing we the real people can do is bag all of the democrat liberals in America put them all on boats and take them out to sea and sink the damn boats this will stop all the hot air going around America and stop the so called Climate change caused by America’s CO2 pollution.And by the way Al Gore is an IDIOT MORON and when he was in Vietnam he was a complete Idiot moron.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. europeian young man says:

    USA is the biggest destroyer and the beast on the world. They kill millions of innocence lifes in Vietnam, Afganisthan, Iraq. They made tobbacco – the biggest poison in the world.


    • dustyk103 says:

      So you’re an Obama guy and blame America for wars around the world and not the people who start them. But tobacco? People have smoked for ages. Tobacco is not what is harmful. What is harmful is smoking continuously without a break. When people smoked pipes or cigars it was occasionally. When they started smoking cigarettes three and four packs a day it caused major medical issues. Don’t blame tobacco for people’s bad habits, and don’t blame the USA for other country’s violent ideologies.


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