Examples of liberal’s backwards thinking

Evil in all of us

Liberals see the world as a mirror image of what they believe themselves to be.  They don’t understand they are promoting evil as good, or wrong as right.

As explained in the article, “Liberalism: Born of ignorance and bred on immorality,” everyone is born knowing nothing of the world or how anything works.  Everyone starts out a liberal, or leftist, moving to the right as they mature, becoming more conservative as they learn morality.  They must either be taught or learn by experience and those who do not remain mired in dysfunctional thinking and are easily propagandized by the Left.

Those who neither mature or learn morality either choose to remain willfully ignorant or become deceivers like Barack Obama and Al Gore.  This is exemplified by the manner in which both teach the young.  Obama told teens to argue with Independents and Republicans by getting in their faces until they submit to the youngster’s beliefs.  Michele Obama told teens to monitor their family for racially insensitive remarks (shades of Hitler Youth)!  They urge young people to teach their parents rather than learn from them.

“There are some things about our world that you know that older people don’t know.” – Al Gore speaking to 12 year olds

Al Gore said this to sixth graders talking about global warming, discrimination, and government.  To tell children that they know things their parents do not know is absurd on its face to any adult.  It is not only pandering to ignorance, it is galactic stupidity – as if people grow up and forget what they knew as children.  This is how you teach children to not learn from the experience of their elders, to not listen to the wisdom of adults, and to grow up believing in their own ignorance as the fountain of knowledge.

Liberals see everything in terms of good and bad with no understanding of right and wrong.  They have no understanding of these concepts beyond basic understanding or that they are not mutually synonymous.  They do not know that good and bad, right and wrong, legal and illegal, loving and hateful do not all apply equally to all things.  A child, without understanding how the world works, often sees things backwards by desiring a result and seeking a means to that end, rather than knowing the means to a righteous result.

Liberal’s backwards beliefs:

  • An item bought on sale is a savings not an expense.
  • A reduction in a spending increase is a spending cut (baseline budgeting).
  • A tax cut for the wealthy is taxing the poor to pay the rich.
  • Profiting from good business is greed but taxing the rich is not.
  • Forbidding the word thug is better than punishing criminals.
  • Citizens with guns to protect themselves are criminals.
  • Killing in self-defense is as much murder as is premeditated murder.
  • You are guilty until proven innocent and deserve what you get.
  • Executing a murderer is murder, but aborting babies is not.
  • Atheism, Islam teach peaceful tolerance, but Christianity teaches hate.
  • Condemn war to topple a murdering dictator as conquest for profit.
  • Blame the victim for inciting the perpetrator.
  • Christ’s teachings of non-violence mean surrendering to evil.

How Washington works:

  • Conservatives will save money, balance the budget, reduce taxes and spending, using taxes only for what is necessary for the people.
  • Moderates think taxes are their own personal piggy bank to give subsidies to their friends and make regulations to help their business prosper.
  • Liberals think money is free and can be infinitely borrowed, and think tax money is not only for their friends, but to be used against their enemies.

People are confused about how government works with the rich:

  • Moderates will work with the rich to help them make more money
  • Liberals will steal from the rich to help themselves make more money
  • Conservatives will protect people from the rich so they have more money

Those who know the history of the United States understand these things.  Those who do not know any history, or understand business, but only know what they are told believe that liberals help others because they speak of altruism.  But their actions are invariably those of the self-righteous demagogue acting hypocritically and, as always, actions speak louder than words.

Finally, liberals make their determinations of what is factual based on the false teachings of those who would dupe them.  Without the experience of dealing with predatory fraudsters seeking to mislead them, and the knowledge of what is right and wrong, they are easily misled.  This is the dilemma that faces America today under the misguidance of the liberal media’s propaganda machine.

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  1. Mary Morgan says:

    Very well said. Thank you.


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