How Republican and Democrat beliefs stack up against each other side-by-side


In the world of politics it is a battle between the ideologies of the Right vs. the Left.  This is a side-by-side comparison of the foundational beliefs of Republicans vs. Democrats.

Examine what conservatives and liberals Believe.  Republicans are, for the most part, conservatives, but half the GOP is moderates.  This is because moderates, who are liberals-lite, Believe in pandering to voters and voters, not being overly bright, will be suckered into supporting someone who says he will give them goodies.

So here, side-by-side, are what true conservatives and true liberals believe as expressed by themselves.  If you find that you actually agree with what the other side says then the only person you are fooling is yourself.  Republicans and Democrats are not two parties with different ideas of how to do things right.  They are polar opposites who can only agree on how to do things wrong.



R – Believe America is the greatest force for good in the world

D – Believe America is the greatest force for evil in the world


R – Revere the Constitution

D – Want to abolish the Constitution

The flag:

R – Salute the flag

D – Walk on/burn/sh*t on the flag


R – Honor American soldiers

D – Spit on soldiers and call them “baby killers”


R – Believe cops serve and protect

D – Believe cops are “pigs” who oppress and kill blacks

Gun control:

R – Believe people have a right to self-defense

D – Believe civilians should not have guns

2nd Amendment:

R – Believe the citizenry is the militia and all lawful citizens may own guns

D – Believe only those people sanctioned by government may own guns


R – Believe both parties are corrupt, but Democrats more so

D – Believe that only Republicans are corrupt – all of them


1st Amendment:

R – Believe this amendment guarantees the freedom of religion

D – Believe this amendment guarantees the freedom from religion

Free Speech:

R – Believe everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how vulgar

D – Believe censoring the opinions of others is right and violations should be prosecuted as a hate crime


R – Believe Christianity is the world’s greatest faith

D – Believe all religious beliefs are equal


R – Believe everyone should hear the Word of Christ

D – Believe no one should speak the Word of Christ


R – Believe Islam is a religion of oppression

D – Believe Islam is a religion of peace


R – Condemn the teachings of Islam for Jihad and terrorism

D – Condemn American foreign policy as motivating Islamic terrorism


R – Believe babies in the womb have a right to life

D – Believe babies in the womb are not human beings and do not have a right to life

Late term abortion

R – Believe killing babies in the womb is evil

D – Believe reporters exposing abortionists selling dead baby parts is evil


R – Believe executing murderers is just

D – Believe killing murderers is immoral



R – Believe in capitalism

D – Believe in socialism


R – Believe entrepreneurs make American business grow

D – Believe the government makes American businesses grow


R – Believe you get paid what you’re worth for your work

D – Believe unskilled, uneducated, inexperienced employees should be paid equally with those of great skill, education, and experience.


R – Believe government should only tax for what is necessary

D – Believe government should take from the rich and give benefits to the poor


R – Believe government should function within a reasonable budget

D – Believe government should borrow and spend as much as it can


R – Believe in welcoming legal immigrants, not illegal ones

D – Believe in giving illegal immigrants benefits and the vote


R – Believe you have the right to choose what you eat

D – Believe government should instruct people what to eat

Birth control:

R – Believe everyone should exercise and pay for their own birth control

D – Believe abortion is birth control along with free birth control pills

Global Warming:

R – Believe Earth’s climate is dynamic and cannot be controlled or influenced by mankind

D – Believe mankind’s pollution drives climate change

Climate science:

R – Believe liberals ignore scientific evidence of how climate change works

D – Believe conservatives are completely ignorant of science and believe the Earth is flat


R – Listen to both sides debate the facts on FOX News exposing those who twist the truth

D – Hear only liberal propaganda on MSNBC and never hear the facts of both sides without being twisted so never know the truth


Two Americas – Americanism vs. Socialism, Right vs. Left

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  1. Missy says:

    Excellent analysis! And, spot on! Keep up the good work, my friend!

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