TEA Party – The patriots vs. the America haters

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Those who love America are engaged in a war for her soul with those who hate America.

Of all the rainbow promises Barack Obama made during his constant campaigning, he has kept only one campaign promise.  What he asked of his base in 2012 that incited and inspired them to get out and vote Democrat to support him in taking revenge on America, on white people, on Christians, and on the American Dream.

“Vote!”  Obama urged them, “Voting is the best revenge.”

I met the personification of Obama in a sixteen year old boy the other day.  As I was driving through a movie theater parking lot I saw a bunch of kids about to cross the driveway.  I moved to the middle of the street to avoid them and accelerated to get by before they crossed.  All of them reacted to avoid my car but one, a young boy of sixteen who ran out ahead of them into the street to kick my car and then shoot me the bird.

When I turned to go back to confront the boy he took up an insolent posture to deliberately attempt to provoke me.  When I asked him why he ran out and hit my car he said in an innocent little voice, “Why are you angry with me, sir?  I was just walking across the street.  You were driving recklessly.”

I knew then that I was dealing with a sociopath of the Obama variety.  Obama’s signature characteristic is to speak of making everything fair for everyone while he steals from one half and stabs the other half in the back.  The heart of the sociopathic deceiver is rooted in the lies he tells to others and himself in order to reward his good intentions by justifying his bad actions.

Those of us who recognized Obama for what he is long before he ran for president are appalled at how easily he has duped the voters and corrupted the nation.  To this day, most people cannot see through his lies and root out the truth, but swallow whatever he serves up.  Of all the presidents, he more than any other brands the patriotic citizens of America as his enemy and directs his efforts toward destroying them and the America they love.

The TEA Party is Washington’s only enemy

The Left consists of two parts; the sociopaths who lead, and the dysfunctionals who follow.  Fully twenty percent of the general population consists of people who are functionally psychotic to some degree.  They do not see lying as immoral, but justify the lies they tell others and themselves as being righteous, with no understanding of morality or righteousness.  Perception is their reality.

The pattern of the evil of the Left always follows the same plan: deceive, infiltrate, corrupt, and destroy.  Evil in itself is not corrupt, it is the opposite of good, that being that good people help others while evil people help themselves at the expense of others.  They have been corrupted earlier in their lives, now they just act out of evil greed and selfishness to corrupt others by deceiving them as to their intentions, infiltrating their positions of power, then corrupting the system to destroy everyone else.

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