There is nothing right about the Left

Ever since Alan Colmes wrote his books, “The Right is Wrong and the Left is Right,” and, “Thank the Liberals for Saving America,” everything good in America has been squandered and crushed by socialists seeking to remake America in their image.  The American Dream is dying and liberal policies are the agent of that destruction, destroying the greatest nation in history, tearing down the Christian liberty that the Founders created.  The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is becoming the Land of the Freeloader and Home of the Bum.  You can thank the liberals for destroying the America of the Founders and taking us down the road to make another failing socialist dictatorship.

Republicans have been struggling for the past century to regain control of Washington, but Democrat corruption, pandering, and demagoguery have made that a nearly impossible task.  Moderates bow to Democrats to have a modicum of power are willing to make deals with Democrats, but it is always to the detriment of the country and loss of liberties of the people.  They use the same tactics to get elected and make policies that benefit themselves while telling people it’s for their own good.

This is because of universal suffrage allowing everyone to vote, including those who take no responsibility for themselves, let alone the nation, to make choices of how the government is run.  Mankind is composed of two elements – The Makers and the Takers.  You either learn a trade or learn to steal to make money, and most human beings elect to stay with what they were born with rather than become civilized.  Animals instinctively know greed and fend for themselves.

Leftists lie, cheat, steal, and kill to feed their greed.  Leftist ideology is founded in vanity and deception.  When they fail they will blame others rather than take responsibility, and they will take credit for achievements of others.  They are selfish children who take what they want.  No one has to teach a child to behave like an animal.  Children must be taught to behave like human beings.  Understand that all of us have these traits, but not all have overcome them.

A child does not have to be taught to take what they want, demand what they want, to be selfish, steal, or to hit others when they don’t give them what they want.  They must be taught to share, to work, and to respect the rights of others and be considerate of them.  Leftists will say they are for this with everyone working as a family for mutual benefit, and that the Right is wrong when it talks about self-reliance and call it selfishness, but examination of their actions prove their words to be lies.  They gather wealth to themselves, dole out a pittance to those foolish enough to follow them, and when their policies fail, blame others who would act responsibly for the benefit of all.

It does not matter by what name Leftists call themselves; liberals, progressives, social justice.  Feces by any name is still sh*t that stinks.  All Leftists, whether the Communist Soviet Union, People’s Republic of China, Nazi Germany, Islamist Iran, or Imperialist North Korea all have the same sociology – the people serve the state.  It doesn’t matter by what name they call themselves, their leaders are dictators and the people have only the rights the state gives them.

In a true Republic, like Rome and now America, the government is formed by the people to serve and protect them.  But, as seen in Rome, mutual cooperation breeds the benefits of wealth creation, and wealth attracts the greedy who breed corruption, and corruption rots the system from within until it collapses.  America is devolving now in the same way as Rome, because the nature of man is to behave like animals and not as human beings.

America today knows the Right and Left as Christian conservatives and atheist liberals.  The definitions of conservative and liberal are not what they were in the past.  Classic liberalism is the philosophy of modern Christian conservatives, but now social liberalism is the opposite definition that describes the atheist liberals.

Moderates take neither side, but every moderate Republican in Congress who expresses his willingness to work with liberal Democrats is doing a disservice to the nation, bowing to the will of the greedy for their own benefit.  Conservatives believe in the state serving the people so they can acquire wealth by their own efforts, while liberals believe the people work together for the mutual benefit of the state whose leaders acquire all the wealth and share some with their followers.

The herd mentality of the Left is right in keeping with animal behavior.  Also in keeping with their beliefs is denial that this is what they are and projecting their own failings on people of the Right.  A morally objective observer can see the difference between the lies of the Left and the truth of the Right.  Even when they pretend to be the Right as has often been the case in history, like the Pharisees who executed Christ, or the Catholic Church of the Inquisition, a moral person can see the truth.

Those who embrace modern American liberalism are mostly the atheists, the agnostics, and others who either do not believe there is a God or those whose faith is founded in the unrighteousness of the Left.  Many who claim to be Christian follow those who are anti-God, just as the Pharisees and Inquisitors did, and believe they are being good.  The two factions that define humanity have always been at odds and the Left has always attempted to justify taking from, enslaving, and oppressing others.

The difference between Good and Evil can be found in the truth of the beliefs of the Right and the Left, and in their faiths, the Light vs. the Dark.  Those who believe in God believe in the divinity of human beings and behaving in a civilized manner.  Those who do not believe in God believe only in the animal nature of man and then they wonder why their children behave like animals.

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