Don’t expect to hear the truth because Obama’s black LIES matter


Obama shamelessly used the funeral for five police murdered by a BLM terrorist to imply that police racism is real and that they deserved to be shot.

STOP asking Obama to condemn police shootings because he will not.  His lips will make words about “it’s not right,” but his heart is with the cop killers and this is evident by his actions.  Every time he speaks about cops being killed he promotes the reason they were killed as justified by implying that the black lies that police are racists and murdering black men is true, and he will never admit the lies that black criminals tell.

Every police shooting about which BLM makes grievances is based on the lies being told by the black community.  Obama knows the truth of every one of these incidents, but he will never speak the truth from the bully pulpit of the president.  Instead, he is the exploiter of those lies creating a race war that is exploding in America.

Black Lies – the Left’s racist propaganda war becomes a shooting war

Trayvon Martin, Sanford, FL:

The lie – a little ten year old black boy is viciously murdered by a big “white Hispanic” for walking through his gated community while eating his candy because he was wearing a hoodie.

The truth – a seventeen year old black gang member saw he was being followed while scoping out houses for a robbery and was shot while attacking a smaller neighborhood watchman.

Michael Brown, Ferguson, MO:

The lie – a sweet, black, gentle giant was daydreaming of going to college when accosted by a white cop for not being on the sidewalk and then shot at, fell to his knees with his hands up in surrender, and then shot in the back execution style.

The truth – a huge gangster thug who had just robbed a convenience store was confronted by a cop who he then attacked and beat while sitting in his car, and when he failed to take the officer’s gun and shoot him started to run, then turned back and charged the officer again and was shot dead.

These pictures prove the lie:

Brown BLM


Brown autopsy

Eric Garner, New York, NY:

The lie – an innocent black man was selling cigarettes on the street when molested by racist cops who then choked him to death.

The truth – a black man unlawfully selling cigarettes resisted arrest and was taken down in a headlock, but because he was old and fat he had a heart attack after his fight with police and died.

Philando Castile, St. Paul, MN:

The lie – His girlfriend immediately began streaming his being shot and told the world that they were pulled over for having a broken tail light and that he identified himself as a concealed weapon holder and was ruthlessly shot by police when told to get his identification.

The truth – He had just committed armed robbery and was pulled over when spotted and went for his gun despite orders from police to stop.  His accomplice calmly made up the lie for BLM social media as he died beside her.

Alton Sterling, Baton Rouge, MS:

The lie – A mentally unstable, unarmed black man was wrestled to the ground and then murdered by police.  One of the videos by black witnesses on the scene was the first to hit the Internet from an angle that obscured his hands.

The truth – An angry black man resisted arrest and attempted to pull a gun from his pocket and was shot, which was proven by subsequent videos from better angles.

In both of the last two incidents the officers doing the shooting were identified as “non-white.”  These are the shootings for which Dallas shooter Micah Johnson turned traitor and terrorist and murdered five white police officers in Dallas.  He was corrupted by Islamist posts on social media and, true to Islamic principles of taqiyyah and jihad, murdered people innocent of any crimes because they were somehow associated with those about whom lies were told, but who actually committed no crimes either.

Black Lies Matter

BLM terrorist murders five police called high tech lynching as if he were an innocent black man seized by racist white men for screwing a white woman.  They are creating hashtags and spreading their hate across the Internet.  It should be noted here that BLM has close ties to Islamists of the Nation of Islam and their militant arm the Black Panthers.  All of this is a part of Islamic terrorism being perpetrated on America by the Moslem they foolishly elected to be their president.

Most Americans do not understand that Obama will never tell the truth about BLM any more than he would about being a Moslem, ObamaCare, Islam, the economy, or climate change.  American’s do not understand, and many cannot accept that, for the first time in history, America has a president in Obama who not openly promotes the Democrat Grievance Industry, but promotes every anti-American ideology from socialism to Islamism.  The DGI’s only purpose is to tear apart the fabric of American society, not to solve any actual problems.  Leftists use it as a fund raiser for the Democrat Party.

Democrats are angry that there are conservatives like this author are fighting them and want social media closed to free speech that exposes their lies.  They fear that the Right is using terrorism by BLM and Islamists to fund raise for their side as well.  Like tax loopholes that Democrats give to their people and regulations they impose on their opponents, Democrats love it when their side plays dirty but despises it when the other side fights fire with fire.  They expect to be the only one with a gun at a knife fight.

The common person cannot identify a lie or a liar who is conning them until it is too late, especially the young and inexperienced.  We instinctively want to trust people, to believe in their goodness, and this is what evil deceivers use against us.  Half of Republicans make the mistake of believing Democrats have the good of the country at heart and don’t understand that it is all about establishing power for themselves.  They don’t understand that when Democrats say “Republicans want to steal from the people” they are projecting themselves on their opponents.  The history of the two parties, the Right that has always fought against slavery and the Left that has always fought for it, speaks for themselves, but you have to actually be educated to know that.

Liberal black Harvard professor study admits zero racial bias in police shootings

What would America be like today if Obama told the truth?

Black Lives Matter – peaceful black advocacy or racist jihadi hate group?

BLM is now the militant terrorist arm of the Democrat Party:

Black lives matter activist threatens coup if Trump wins

Obama’s legacy

Obama's legacy

Baton Rouge terrorist belonged to Nation of Islam

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1 Response to Don’t expect to hear the truth because Obama’s black LIES matter

  1. radman414 says:

    Nice compilation of facts…and an accurate analysis of the domestic anarchist’s “game plan of hate-filled deceit and violence” we are facing today…and for which Obama routinely acts as an apologist.

    Without a smidgeon of doubt, Barack Obama has repeatedly rushed to judgement (before all the facts are known), preemptively blaming police (or a non-black shooter) whenever a victim is black. But, the huge numbers of murders that involve black-on-black violence in our inner cities are routinely ignored by the White House, because they don’t fit the demonstratively-false political narrative that police generally, and white police specifically, are targeting blacks.

    But some actually see through this inflammatory and phony rhetoric. One can easily visualize thousands of peace officers across this nation nodding their heads as Detective Steve Loomis, Cleveland’s police union president, said: “President Obama has blood on his hands.” … and it “will not be washed off.”


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