Burning down the White House – Obama’s race war against white America

Burning down the White House

“The problem with America is white people.”

In various ways this has been said by Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, and a host of leftist media pundits like Chris Matthews.  White Privilege, White Guilt, and white racism consume them to the point that they can’t distinguish between reality and their own bigotry.  The truth is that they are creating a national atmosphere in which black people are being killed more and more.

Black lives don’t matter.  More blacks have been murdered by other blacks on the streets of Chicago than have been killed by white cops in the entire country, yet no one on the Left is talking about that.  The Democrat agenda is not about saving black lives, but fomenting an environment in which more blacks lose their lives.

Why would Democrats care about black lives when they advocate for blacks to have millions of abortions and invite illegal aliens to take their place in the job market?  Why would they care if they lived to vote when they can make illegals into voting citizens in order to defeat Republicans?  Why would they care about black lives when they are the party that started the KKK, kept blacks oppressed for a hundred years, and now enslave them as their welfare voter slaves on the Democrat Plantation?  Why would they care when they can dupe them so easily into believing that Republicans are responsible for everything that Democrats have wrought that is destroying their culture, their lives, and all of America?

Since attaining high office with no achievements to his credit, except being elected to government by virtue of his rhetoric in popularity contests, Obama has demagogued his way by fomenting and prosecuting a multitude of wars against white people in America.

  • Obama’s war on America and his world apology tour
  • Obama’s war on energy shutting down oil drilling and coal mining
  • Obama’s war on jobs inviting illegal aliens into the country
  • Obama’s war on cops labeling them racists and murderers
  • Obama’s war on Christianity inviting jihadis to make America Islam
  • Obama’s war on truth propagating lie after lie
  • Obama’s war on conservatives to beat them down and overthrow the Constitution

Democrats have created fictional stories of white police murdering young black men.

“Hands up, don’t shoot”

This is the fraud that gave birth to criminal advocate hate group Blacklivesmatter.  Michael Brown, like Trayvon Martin, was portrayed as a sweet little black boy murdered by evil white people.  The truth is that both were extremely violent, vicious criminals who were attacking and attempting to murder the men who killed them in self-defense.  Both of them attempted to take guns away from their victims.  The lies of their innocence were used by Obama to ignite a race war that he began fomenting from the beginning of his administration.

“I just want to kill white people, especially white police.” – Dallas cop killer Micah Johnson

Obama planted the seeds for this war when he announced that, “Cambridge police acted stupidly,” in arresting a black professor who thought he had the right to revile police for doing their job.  No president has any in business involving himself in local affairs, especially in the conduct of local law enforcement.   That is for local government to handle, not be micromanaged from the White House.

Thanks to Obama’s leadership and anti-white rhetoric, Americans have seen their cities burn, their streets run with blood, and her good citizens slandered as being racist, hateful, and dangerous.  Every time there have been shootings by terrorists and criminals committing mass murder on American soil, Obama and the left-wing liberal media has blamed good, law-abiding white people with guns and stressed that they should be disarmed.  The dream of Martin Luther King has been turned into a nightmare by Democrat corruption.

Crime has doubled under Obama’s watch, as have murders, healthcare costs, insurance costs, college costs, unemployment, welfare, the National Debt, and worldwide wars.  The Obama presidency has been a veritable plague on America and all of humanity.  More people are being killed in America, and around the world, thanks to the ideology and policies of Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Obama’s bile and venom have been inciting blacks to protest, to riot, to loot and burn, to ambush and assassinate police, and to violate the law at every turn.  Blacks have become so abusive of law enforcement rather than respectful as good citizens are that they are creating the environment causing them to be killed.  Police are peacekeepers, not murderers, not racists, but the men and women who uphold our laws and protect our citizens.  Like anyone else they want to go home from their job alive.  The terrorism against police that is being provoked by Obama’s racism is at the heart of the breakdown in American justice.

“The War on Cops” by Heather Mac Donald

America’s next Civil War, like WWIII, is already beginning

Like Obama, Hillary promotes race war and terrorism against police

When a cop pulls you over be respectful and safe – Coffey Anderson

These BLM criminal protests against police must be stopped!  There is nothing peaceful and no right for protests that call for hating police!  These two-faced fools spit on police and then expect to be protected by them when the shooting starts.  Black hate groups are spewing bile at cops and praise for their murders and Obama is silent!

As Rush Limbaugh points out – Every time a jihadi terrorist shoots people, Obama and the Democrats come out and demand that there be “no backlash against Muslims.”  But any time a police officer shoots a black suspect there are no Democrats who counsel restraint and advise “no backlash against cops.”

Megyn Kelly Sheriff David Clarke – “Marginalize BLM!”

Obama is the instigator of BLM criminals and police shootings

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4 Responses to Burning down the White House – Obama’s race war against white America

  1. John Molloy says:

    Thank you for your efforts to promote truth and justice. Unfortunately, while this administration remains, neither will exist. Americans must be prepared for consequences of our adversary’s
    provocative behavior at the convention in Cleveland and the possibility of Hillary or another
    left wing traitor winning the 2016 election.
    Molon Labe!


  2. The Democratic Party was responsible for the creation of the KKK. If people don’t believe me, they should read the history books.


  3. Kenneth P. Jacobus says:

    Trump is the last chance for this country. Anyone who thinks that the Democrats are the saviors is delusional.


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