Kaepernick is the poster boy of dysfunctional liberal Democrat thinking

Dysfunctional liberal

Leftwingnut propaganda claims another fool who buys into the Obama meme that America is a racist nation.

What better place besides Hollywood for liberals to make displays of the utter contempt they have for country and the people that have made them rich and famous than the NFL?  And what team better to represent the completely immoral, corrupt ideology of the Left than the one from San Francisco, sanctuary city, home of the LGBT movement, and the city that gave America the most insane Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi?  Can there be a better example of absolute liberal dysfunctional thinking than a black quarterback who was;

  • adopted and raised by a white couple
  • educated by white people
  • trained by white people
  • and hired by a white employer to play a game for which he is paid millions of dollars

to curse them as racist oppressors of blacks?

Liberals listen to the likes of Maher and Colbert for discussions of what they think is the news and morally intelligent opinion, which exhibits how completely lost they are in their beliefs.  This explains how the likes of Kaepernick could believe that he is oppressed and that police are racist murderers.  This is how the Dallas shooter became a terrorist who shot thirteen innocent police officers killing five.  This is why the NFL allows petty little simpletons like him, and the “hands up don’t shoot” fools of St. Louis who believe the BLM lies, but disallows the Dallas Cowboys from wearing an emblem in honor of the fallen police officers.  When you want to hear a combination of the news, the truth, morality, and good sense there is no better place to go than the Rush Limbaugh Show.

Rush Limbaugh responds to Colin Kaepernick’s “protest”

America is committing suicide by not only giving credence to these perpetrators of leftwingnut propaganda, but raising them up as examples of righteousness!  This is what happens when ignorant people make heroes of America haters, socialists, and fools from the world of entertainment.  Be it actors, musicians, or game players, entertainers, who are paid exorbitant amounts of money while completely devoid of morality or patriotism to the country that elevated them to their pedestals, are beneath contempt of the American citizens who love this nation that has given them the greatness no other country allows.  It’s like the liberal couple who took in a Moslem boy only to have him behead them for the Jihad!  Liberal insanity!

Kaepernick honors Castro in press conference

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2 Responses to Kaepernick is the poster boy of dysfunctional liberal Democrat thinking

  1. Kurt says:

    I think there’s a difference between racism and oppression. I think Kaepernick is talking about the oppressive system we have. And to be fair, I think it’s safe to say most countries have systemic oppression. America is just the biggest and the best, so the world looks to us first. For example, when there is a tragic incident of an unarmed black person by a police officer, it’s an isolated case that gets a ton of press and inevitably blacks will complain about inner city conditions where black-on-black crime is out of control. I honestly don’t think we have a racism problem so much as we have a broken system. I think that’s what Kaepernick was bringing attention to.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Conservatives understand what liberals are trying to say. The problem is libs are focusing on all the wrong things and refuse to accept the right things. The result is that instead of addressing the underlying problems of the poor economy, lack of job opportunities being caused by Democrats controlling the government, and instead of addressing black crime that is out of control, they want to instigate more restrictions on police for extremely rare incidents. This doesn’t make citizens safer, but is intended only to make criminals safer and thereby exacerbate rather than alleviate the problems in American society. Instead of improving racial strife in America, Obama has done the opposite. Where fifty years ago the country stopped southern oppression and lynchings of blacks, Democrats are now encouraging the murders of police as racists when 99.99% of them are anything but.


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