Obama’s “You lie!” moment revisited

In 2009 at his first SOTU address, President Obama vowed to the nation that Democrats would never use their government power to give free healthcare to illegal aliens at taxpayer expense:

“You lie!” moment; Obama says illegal immigrants will never get free healthcare

Ten years later at the first Democrat presidential debate, every single Democrat hopeful vows to use government power to give free healthcare to illegal aliens at taxpayer expense:

All Democrats say they will give illegal immigrants free healthcare

Flying their flag of fascist resistance, liberal Democrats declare that they are fighting for “freedom” to remake America’s republic into a totalitarian “democratic” socialist state.

America has become twisted and backwards with liberals creating racism in the Republican Party where it doesn’t exist as they invert the Democrat Party that has always been the party of racism from being anti-black to being anti-white.  The liberal paradigm created in their warped thinking has fostered an environment in America where criminals rage in the streets with Democrat approval to enact Nazi thuggery while claiming to be anti-fascist.  The former party of slaves now wants to unmake America as founded, to destroy capitalism that has made America prosperous, and remake America into a socialist slave state.  Liberals believe they are being led to Utopia.

What can you expect from people who know so little of science that they believe CO2 can cause global warming, flood the oceans, burn up the land, and destroy all life on the planet, and believe they are the enlightened progressives?  Their beliefs are right out of the tribal shaman’s rain dance and socialist dissident playbooks.  How completely uneducated and two-faced can people be that they cannot see their own corruption?  As President Trump announces he will give a speech on America’s birthday and honor veterans, leftists are declaring that to be unAmerican.  What can be more patriotic?

In 19th century America the Confederate flag represented Democrat slavers while the American flag represented Republicans who fought to free the slaves.  In the 21st century, the left says the American flag represents Republican racism and oppression of blacks.  To the right, the Obama flag represents the supremacy of black criminals endorsing tyranny over Christian’s constitutional law.  If killing babies and being two-faced in all things isn’t enough, if giving taxpayer money to invaders who come to break America’s laws isn’t enough, if smearing the president for not being a political hack and keeping his promises to make America’s economy great again isn’t enough, what hope is there for a house divided against itself?

Democrats Call for Repeal of Illegal Immigration Law

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1 Response to Obama’s “You lie!” moment revisited

  1. Roy says:

    The crowds president Trump draws and the amount of political contributions to his campaign gives me hope.
    I do wish the pundits on the Right would stop telling Leftists to move to the center (and lie) to win the election from Trump.


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