Lessons from ‘The Lion King’ for Democrats and Republicans

The plot of “The Lion King” is found in Hamlet minus Shakespeare’s twists.  Instead of pretending to be insane, Simba runs away to become a vagabond.  But that is not what is of concern to Democrats and Republicans.  Instead, it is the two factions in conflict, their methods, and their characters.  In Lion King there is Mufasa/Simba and the lions vs. Scar and the hyenas.  Mufasa the king governs justly as his pride of lions watches over his people, while his brother Scar suffers from greed and envy joining with the hyenas who just want to take from others.

Ok, this is a children’s movie superimposing human attributes on animals for entertainment purposes to teach moral lessons.  The reality of lions is that they are predators that prey on the weakest and youngest among other animals.  In human culture it is criminals behaving like animals that prey on the weak.  Both Republicans and Democrats see themselves as the good guy faction that protects the people for the benefit of all and see their opponents in the other faction as the bad guys that prey on the people for their own selfish gains.  Only one can be right.  Let’s examine them from the perspectives of both sides.

The Republican Perspective

Republicans see themselves as those who govern justly helping Americans to prosper, while they see Democrats as wanting to institute the fascist ideology of socialist rule to steal their wealth.  Republicans want low taxes so people can increase their prosperity, while they see Democrats who want to increase taxes in the belief that by taking from those who work for money, they can benefit those who don’t work.  Republicans see themselves as honoring the country and those who serve, while Democrats riot in the streets and burn the flag.

In “The Lion King,” Simba is the rightful heir to the throne, while his uncle Scar wants to take over the Pride Lands by assassinating the king and putting the lions under the dominion of the hyenas he imports.  In the conservative perspective this is akin to President Trump being Simba that Democrats want to deny his rightful election to the presidency.  The Democrats are striving to take over the country by importing foreign America haters, Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis, who want to overthrow the protectors and take what they want.

They use violence by thugs and criminals to beat down the righteous protectors of the lands just as Antifa and BLM use violence, riots, and police assassinations to intimidate and overthrow the rightful laws that protect the people.  Democrats would undo the Constitution to make Hillary the ruler by removing Trump by force just as Scar becomes ruler by destroying Mufasa’s reign.  The only way to overcome them is by meeting force with greater force, and that requires leadership.

The Democrat Perspective

Democrats see themselves as those who govern justly helping people to prosper whose wealth was stolen by corporations, while they see Republicans as wanting to institute the fascist ideology of Nazi rule to steal their wealth and oppress people.  Democrats want high taxes so people can increase their prosperity by taking money from greedy corporations, while they see Republicans who want to decrease taxes to benefit the ruling elites.  Democrats see themselves as fighting for the country against the evils of racism and bigotry, while Republicans promote fascism using Christian moral bigotry to oppress the people.

In “The Lion King,” Simba is the rightful heir to the throne, while his uncle Scar wants to take over the Pride Lands by assassinating the king and putting the lions under the dominion of the hyenas he imports.  In the liberal perspective this is akin to Hillary being Simba that Republicans have denied her rightful election to the presidency with the help of the Russians.  The Republicans are striving to take over the country by denying refugees the right to come to America to receive benefits and vote.  They cement their rule through white supremacy and racism to deny the good brown people of the world their rightful wealth.

They use violent oppression of hateful words promoting their bigotry by condemning the good brown people as criminals, thugs, and thieves.  Republicans founded the nation establishing the Constitution retaining slavery.  They believe Trump is akin to Scar having used foreign Russian interference to steal away her rightful throne.  The only way to overcome them is by using force to usurp the power stolen by Republicans.

A Moral Compass

What liberals lack is a moral compass and any understanding of history or the facts at hand.  They believe the far right is Nazi fascism and the far left is Communism with themselves as the “noble center” because they do not understand the ideology of socialism.  They only know what they have been told by those who would dupe them rather than the reality that Nazism and Communism are both two branches of the socialist ideological tree.  Over two years and $30 million dollars of taxpayer money and propaganda escalating public ire have been wasted in the pursuit of this fraud that never existed.

Democrats have been in bed with Nazis and Communists for the last century.  Only the most rabidly ignorant liberals can believe that Democrats and Republicans switched places in the last fifty years.  How ignorant to believe the KKK and neo-Nazis have become Republicans?  Liberals see Russians in charge of American elections as if that was possible for a foreign government to hack all of America’s election machines.  What is possible is for corrupt pollsters to stuff the ballot boxes with fraudulent votes, and that is how Democrats win over the will of the majority.

The thuggery of Antifa and BLM rioters is obvious, while liberals see Russians under every rock.  Even Obama and Rosenstein said it is not possible for Russians to tamper in the election and that no votes or elections were affected by Russian troll farms that Mueller indicted.  One of those groups came out against Mueller wanting to go to trial as the charges were more about denying them 1st Amendment rights rather than espionage crimes.  Trump and Putin even had a big laugh when liberal media asked them during the last summit if he would tell Putin not to interfere in American elections the way Obama did.

Confusing liberal minds by mis-associating Nazism with rightwing ideology is how leftists mis-educate people.  The superficial understanding of history and politics from which liberals suffer is why leftist propaganda is so effective.  It’s how Democrats are able to dupe voters into supporting them even as they suck up the wealth promising to bring prosperity and blaming the misery they create on Republicans.  The left concealed Obama’s communist Moslem beliefs while smearing Trump as a racist sex offender.  Wise voting requires both intelligence guided by knowledge and maturity developed from morality to make good choices.  It’s easy to corrupt good people if they are uneducated in the ways of evil.

Democrat’s “Dreamers” are not those who come to America believing in the American Dream wanting to live in a land of liberty.  They are dreaming of a world where America has been brought down, where Christianity is no more, and only socialist tyrants are worshipped at the altars of greed and envy.  They don’t dream of having the opportunity to prosper by their own hand but hope to take from those whom they have been told have stolen from them.  The lie they live is that stealing can be righteous.

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[Author’s Note: First of all, this movie was crap.  I give the original animation an ‘A’ rating while this rates only a ‘D.’  Don’t bother.  It was disappointing from beginning to end, left out many great lines and scenes, while promoting mediocrity.  There is a stark contrast between the greatness of the original animated features and these live action computer-generated remakes that reflects the difference between Republican policies and Democrat’s shadow of those policies that conceal their duplicity.  The stark contrast between left and right is often obscured by propaganda.  It should be obvious to anyone who has an intelligent moral education which is right and true, and which is wrong that lies.  Open your eyes and ears and minds.

It doesn’t matter if one is intelligent if one is uneducated or learns the wrong things.  It doesn’t matter if one believes they are moral if they are immature and haven’t learned morality.  There’s a difference between good and bad vs. right and wrong.  It is easy to corrupt those who are uneducated in the ways of evil.  Think of the country preacher’s daughter who is sheltered her whole life and then exposed to the depravity of the big city.  Those who are uneducated or mis-educated in history, math, sociology, and morality become lifelong, anti-American, anti-Christian liberals.

If you don’t teach your children about evil rather than just shielding them from knowledge of it, you leave them defenseless when they face the temptations of immorality.  They are easily duped and twisted by the left who warp language and culture seeing racists behind every leaf.  For example, you can be against criminals realizing that blacks make up only 12% of the population, but they make up 50% of the violent criminals.  Leftists call you racist for understanding that fact declaring those criminals are justified because they are oppressed.  What they don’t admit is that they are the ones oppressing them by denying them education to enable them to have opportunities.  They then justify their crimes rather than condemn them.

Likewise, the communists coming from Central America to invade the USA are easily identified as they wave the flags of their home countries.  A true refugee would be waving the American flag wanting to become Americans as legal immigrants do who vote for Republicans against the Democrats who promote the communism they fled.  If the vast majority of illegal aliens were compromised of those people, then Democrats would build a wall that would put China’s Great Wall to shame.  Democrats have openly become what they previously concealed.  They are now openly promoting communism with themselves as the rulers over the masses.

Anyone who understands anything about socialist nations knows that they only bring misery.  The Utopia leftists paint is the illusion by which they corrupt the ignorant.  Stop watching only CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the Democrat media, and open your mind to learning what the other half of the country knows.  I know they keep telling you that the other side lies so don’t listen to them, but you might be amazed at the facts that are being concealed from you by leftist media.  Both sides accuse the other of lying, but the only way you learn the truth is to listen to both and then find the facts.  Stop listening to people who tell you “everything Trump says is racist” and try listening to him for yourself and see if you ever hear him say anything racist.

Democrats demand Trump be accurate to perfection when he speaks, while they don’t speak accurately about jack diddly!  In Trump’s feud with Cummings over his Baltimore district being a sh*thole, Democrats will split hairs, but then characterize the entire Republican Party as racist.  Criticizing a black man for being a criminal is the left’s definition of racism even if another black man is doing the critiquing.  Criticizing Democrat run cities for becoming rat infested with their importation of third world invaders living in their streets is called racism.  It’s the sickness of the leftist mind and foolishness for liberals to believe them.  You may finally learn how Democrats have been duping you for the last fifty years.  Don’t let them turn America into what they’ve created in California.]

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