Two-Faced Joe’s newest face plant

In just another in their Wile E. Coyote series of attempts to smear and slander President Trump, Democrats again stuck both feet in their mouths and swallowed.  When Trump tweeted out that the Democrat’s Star Chamber was not an impeachment but a lynching, they ganged up to call him a racist for using the term.  Why did they think they could smear him over that when Democrats are the party of racists who lynched hundreds of young black men?  Leftists are always trying to warp words to fit their narrative so they can lie and slander others.

Biden eats crow saying lynching is a racist term

Brian Kilmeade puts Biden in perspective – min 3:23-6:00

Does anyone need a walk down memory lane?  Lynchings were commonly done to criminals or those falsely charged by incensed mobs.  Though many were perpetrated on descendants of Democrat’s former slaves, even into the 1990s, (Democrats tried to blame then Texas Governor Bush for the murder of James Byrd, Jr. by three Democrat rednecks), the term has no racial connotations to it.  This is just another leftist effort to change the meanings of words so they can falsely damn Republicans.  For this reason, Democrats think they can make the word lynching into a racist term.  If Joe Biden and his comrades all thought that was so horrible, why did they join the Democrat Party during that time?  It is a never-ending pattern by leftist Democrats to blame Republicans for crimes committed by their own.  (All the mass shootings have been committed by Democrats, yet they always blame Republicans, and stupid people believe them.)

Biden says when he used the word it was a “slip of the tongue,” but when Trump uses it, it is “deliberately racist.”  (So, what?  Is their impeachment being conducted only by members of their Black Caucus of race traitors?)  Why would any intelligent person of good moral character support any Democrat?  Is it only because Democrats slander Republicans and they are duped into believing that they have to trust Democrats just in case what they say is true?  So, if people were told that Jesus is a radical dissident rather than the Prince of Peace would they decide He should be crucified?  Oh, wait, they did that.

Every Democrat that has condemned Trump as a racist has blood on their hands.  From those who were thrashed at Selma who joined the Democrat Party to those white liberals today who call women like Candace Owens racial epithets for becoming a Republican.  The only reason ignorant liberals don’t understand the truth is because they are the most uneducated people America has ever produced.  Their belief that southern rednecks became Republicans in the 1980s is founded on their lacking the wit to understand that millions of Republicans migrated from the north to escape Democrat union thugs.  Democrats deserve no consideration for anything they say because all they have ever done throughout the history of this country has been to the detriment of the people.

What good have Democrats ever done for this great nation?  Their only purpose has ever been to steal what they can and blame Republicans for it.  Is Social Security a good thing?  In 1968, congressional Democrats voted to steal the money in that fund and make Social Security an “insurance” racket.  At the same time they created Medicare, also for the elderly, who worked their whole lives to pay into it to be used when they retired.  Now these same Democrats want to give that money away to young deadbeats and illegal aliens for free.  Nothing good comes from these deceivers and their dupes.

Media Fell for Trump’s Lynching Trick

Candace Owens banned from Facebook for criticizing liberals

[Author’s Note: Democrats say Republicans are the KKK, the Nazis, and the anti-Christians when they pretend to be Christians.  Out of the other side of their mouths they say Christians are Nazis and KKK.  The KKK burned crosses, the Nazis murdered Jews (of which Jesus is one if you forget) and executed innocent people.  Is that what Christians do?  How do the people who promoted slavery, created the KKK, endorsed the Nazis, and who today declare themselves communists, promote socialist atheism and Islam as their favored anti-Christian ideologies, get away with claiming their lies to be truths?  Only galactically stupid people believe them and, amazingly, there are millions of them.  They have no excuse.]

Ronald Reagan’s lost son unabashed Democrat atheist

America!  F*** Yeah! (Democrats – commit crimes then blame others)

Why is Democrat Tulsi Gabbard a Russian Agent?

Democrats demand Trump protect Syrian border

Democrats say investigating their crimes is a crime

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