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Leftist says Media are like Soldiers in Harm’s Way Protecting our Freedoms

Talk about a pack of spoiled children self-aggrandizing themselves as the story equating their jobs with those of the military.  Leftwing journalists say they are the same as American soldiers, risking themselves to protect America’s freedoms.  Being yelled at as … Continue reading

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The 1st Amendment Does NOT Protect Fake News and Heckling

President Trump ousted CNN’s Jim Acosta from a White House briefing yesterday for heckling him again.  The last time Acosta heckled him to answer a bogus question to which Trump responded, “You’re fake news.”  Liberals believe their lies and abuses … Continue reading

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President Trump’s Amazing Affirmation of America as a Nation with Immigrants

Leftists love to say that America is a nation of illegal immigrants because Europeans colonized the New World.  #1 – Colonization is not immigration.  You cannot colonize someone else’s country.  You either immigrate to join them or invade to conquer. … Continue reading

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