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Fake news is Alinsky tactics meant to shut Trump administration down

Democrats who do not want Trump to make America great again are putting his entire administration and all of America under siege with Alinsky tactics designed to stop Trump from taking action.  They say they are impartial and unbiased, but … Continue reading

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Adversarial Free Press or Nasty Democrat Propaganda Machine

Is the media exercising their 1st Amendment rights to “speak truth to power,” or are they just a bunch of hate-filled Democrat propagandists?  Does The Donald’s calling them out on lying constitute restricting the freedom of the press? Republican Senator … Continue reading

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Liberal losers say conservatives are ‘self-brainwashing’

Leftists are angry that people are turning away from the lies of liberal media and turning to honest debate on conservative media.  In the state of liberalism where galactic stupidity passes for intelligent thought, liberals say conservatives who will not … Continue reading

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Proving the liberal media are corrupt Democrat lapdogs

The Republican War on Women meme was begun by pundit George Stephanopoulos who has been completely exposed not only as a major Democrat donor, but as a Democrat operative in the mainstream media. The man who began the war on … Continue reading

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